Women For Women!

I am being bombarded with this message, in my heart, soul and own personal experience.  Just coming off of a powerful event with my company, I personally have experienced the power of a positive tribe, the power of women supporting women and the power of how this can make our world a better place.  

I spent a few days with a team of women that inspire me.  To see them come together, get to know each other, share experiences, laughs, dreams and challenges was incredible.  I am reminded that we can’t do anything alone, that we are not alone and when we gather, and support one another, remain positive, that anything can happen.  

Over the years in business, I had the good fortune of a mentor that taught us how to work together, that taught us how to be better, that taught us the power of leading with our hearts, team work, building each other up, and how that not only feels good, makes our world a better place but helps to grow community.  I have also had the good fortune of my Mom who is that person, who genuinely sees the best in others, and lived a life of kindness and service—her example has and will always be the benchmark for me.  

While most of my experiences are positive ones that I have experienced over and over again, the power of women coming together in a positive way, I have also experienced the challenges of women that do not support one another, and how toxic this can be, and spiritually what it creates. Rather than spend more time talking about the negative impact, I would love to share some of the messages my Mentor shared with us as she grew a community of women that became a shield for each other and a brand—she not only influenced individuals, she developed leaders and culture.  I see this as an opportunity for all of us in the world.  I just read a post from a year ago where I wrote that I wish more women were like my Mom, because if they were, our world would be a better place.  We all need to be reminded of this, I hope these lessons help you as you lead with love, and expect nothing but the best from those around you.  

10 Lessons for Women working Together:

1.  Be Positive
Be a positive person and leader.  Look for the best in each other and yourself.  Speak life into yourself and others. Translation: Don’t you dare go running down (talking about) the women around you.

2. Be Generous
Give.  What act of kindness can you do?  Are you generous with your time, your money, your experience?  “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected”.  Acknowledge those around you with gifts and/or praise. We all wear a little sign that says “make me feel important”.  
Translation: Don’t be cheap. Even when it comes to tipping, always go with the bigger number in your head. It is by the grace of god you are not serving the meal, making the bed and cleaning the toilets. Money: It’s not yours anyways.  

3. Lead with Your Heart
Be that Caring spirit that brings love into everything that you do.  Care about others, treat others the way you want to be treated. Translation: You have a choice, love or hate, you will attract what you put out there.

4. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others
There is always going to be somebody more successful, skinny, beautiful, smart, wealthier, healthier, etc…..  Stay focused on you, and don’t ever compare yourself to somebody else (especially when it comes to Social Media, don’t compare your behind the scenes with someone’s highlight reel). Translation: Suzie does not have it all together, it just appears that way.  Focus on you, and wish the best for those around you.  

5. Be a Champion for Others
There is so much power in championing others.  It just feels good.  It means so much to others, because they might not see what you see in them.  Be the champion for others, stand beside them, let them know you have their back.  Translation: Everyone needs someone in their corner, be that person for them.

6. Mind Your Mind
What you think about you bring about.  This is a choice you have in every day.  Guard your thoughts like you would guard your newborn baby.  What are you saying to yourself, what are you believing to be true, what is it you are attracting into your life. Translation:  If you want good, think good.  Positive vibes leads to positive tribes!

7. Praise
We work harder for praises than for raises.  Praise is so important when women work together—take time to acknowledge and praise each other, do so from a genuine place.  This requires you to step out of your comfort zone at times, be willing to go there, be the leader, be different and set the example for others to follow.  Translation: Be sure to recognize those around you, especially those that can do nothing in return for you.  Don’t just praise those that can do something for you, the beauty is when you do this expecting nothing in return.

8. Stretch Your Vision
Dare to think big, dream big and share big.  When we let go of what others think (by the way, they are not thinking anything), we allow ourselves to see a bigger picture and share that bigger picture with others.  Translation:  Be the vision caster for those around you, not only think big for yourself, but encourage this in others.

9. Be the Builder
When we are working together or on ourselves or our businesses, we are in 1 of 3 modes: 1. Complaining.  2. Blaming   3. Building.    Choose to Build.  When we get stuck in the other 2 categories we become complacent and when we share this with others, we bring them down. Translation:  You are 100% responsible for yourself, don’t blame others or use a negative voice, it does nothing but bring others down.  Raise them up.  

10. Have Faith
Leadership and Womanhood (how women work together) is a spiritual experience, when you put your heart in, and lead, good things happen (even in the face of adversity & challenge).  The challenge is that not all women behave in this way (as mentioned above) and that makes for a really difficult experience for many.   Have faith, and never let yourself stay down when others try and bring you down.   Get back up, and lift those around you up.   When you encounter this, let these individuals be teachers for you on how you want to show up in the world.  Translation:  Women are not all alike, choose the ones that are positive and light and let go of the rest.  You can’t change everyone, you can only change yourself.  Go where the love is.  

When women support each other, amazing things happen.  Be the woman you want see in the world, and inspire and teach that in others!  

Pam Guyer