Celebrate Those Around You!

The success of one woman is an inspiration for another.  
I am surrounded by successful women, and I choose to be inspired by them, and also to celebrate them.  

Are the women in your life successful?  Now lets first define success….
Are they living the life they choose to live?  Are they positive and do they practice gratitude in their life?   Do they demonstrate the behaviors and character that you want to emulate or that is aligned with who you are and how you want to show up in the world?

Most recently, I got to see many colleagues and amazing women shine as they were speakers at our company event.  I was most excited for my business partner, and to see her shine and share her gifts & talents.  I actually loved seeing each person do this, all are so different but shared their hearts, their passion, their hard earned experience and that to me is inspirational and an honor to see.  

Let's be real here….  Why is it that as women, we don’t always allow others to shine?  
What if we look at these women as a gift, and as teachers as to how we want to show up in the world (assuming they are good people, with good hearts, and good intentions)?  

I love to be inspired by others, and in return, it is my intention to inspire others by this and also through my life lessons (the good, the bad, the ugly).  Our greatest moments don’t come when things go well, our greatest moments come from the challenges and the behind the scenes events.  I personally am having one of my most challenging times behind the scene.  Most recently, it would have been easier to not attend a business trip, but I did so anyway.  It would have been easier to not attend a meeting, but I did so anyway.  I am glad I did, because while things are challenging at times, there is so much inspiration and people that inspire that in me.  I chose action rather than fear, I find when I do that, it helps me grow and stretch as uncomfortable as that is.  

Seeing the success of so many others recently was nothing but inspiration to me.  And what I love most, I am genuinely happy for them.  That spirit, that vibe and that passion is what fuels me, lifts me up, and helps me get through the more challenging behind the scenes situations.  Being happy for others is an energy and spirit we need more of, especially in terms of how women interact together.  

Who inspires you?  Are you inspired or intimidated by the women around you?
Choose inspiration.  Choose to celebrate others in their moment.  Choose to be the champion of others.  Choose to be open minded, positive and kind.   Remember, you are not perfect, there will be those women that are not your tribe and are not your vibe, that is okay, let go of them and be who you are, and cheer most others on!

Be the change you want to see in the world.  Be the woman you want to see in the world.


Pam Guyer