Be Yo Self!

Be Yo Self!    

Life is too short, it speeds by, and it is so important that we capture the moments, be in the moment and enjoy the ride and most importantly, be who we are and want to be.

This weekend was a reminder, I got a AARP card in the mail, what the what?  

I don’t even know what it is, I only remember my in laws talking about it and thats as far as I venture on this topic.  Rather than look in in that direction, I chose to look in the direction that I feel, a road ahead full of opportunity, memories, good times and ventures ahead.

On the same day, we decided to take the convertible for a ride, the weather was warm, spring is in the air, and it feels good just to play music, feel the warm air and enjoy the ride.

We drove through our coastal towns, music playing, care free and taking this time to not worry about family, life, parents, our kids and work.  We just cruised, sang, danced and had fun.  Simple moments like this feel good.  

My husband knows my personality, and this picture captures it so well.  He said, let me get a picture of you.  For over two weeks I have been sick, a virus that has kept me down and out.  I have also had some other things on my mind, it felt good to set that all free, and just be.  

We chose the road to be on.  Enjoying the moment. Singing while not knowing all the words. Hat on backwards, just because it feels good & playful Carefree, we let go of the realities in our world. Kids, we were kids for a few hours, not with ours. A couple, we took time for each other and not everyone else. Laughed.  We can always rely on a good time, or a few good laughs

Yolo.  An attitude of you only live once. A “this is me” moment, as in 'be yo self'! Peace Out.  Sometimes we just need to throw our hands in the air like we just don’t care!

The beach. The car. The Moment in time.  This is living HIPP. Capture the moments, because that truly is all we have and why not make the best of them!  


Pam Guyer