I believe in miracles, I believe in the under dog, I believe in living with purpose, I believe in progress, not perfection, I believe in a fresh start, a new day, and in living your best life.  I believe in the ordinary becoming extraordinary, and to never ever give up on your dreams.  

What dreams do you have?  What is the whisper in your heart?  Does life's every day demands take over and make you feel overwhelmed and not clear about what it is you really want?  I understand that feeling of overwhelm, busyness, and the chaos that comes with being a Mom--time is our biggest challenge.  There is such peace of mind when we gain more clarity around what it is we want more of, and what it is we want less of.  I believe that we each hold a dream in our heart, that is intended to be discovered, and uncovered and our job is to figure out what that is.  When we shut down the noise outside, and go in, we hear the whisper of our heart, directing us toward our dreams. 

At every life stage, I have transformed in some way, and it was not pretty, easy or in a straight line.   As women, we desire transformation and change be it personal, financial, spiritual, health & fitness, and the surroundings we are in, our homes, our daily schedules and the people we surround ourselves with.   Most of us deal with our own personal challenges, our history, our losses and our own struggles.  We have conversations in our mind, that we don't always share, and in that, we think we are alone--I understand this because I have been there, and I occasionally will go there, and remind myself the past is a canceled check, and that I should not compare myself to others, and also that we all have our inner dialogue and perhaps that story (the one you are believing or telling yourself) needs to change.  


Perhaps you have your own story, a time you have felt the desire to shine even brighter, but the fear of success held you back, or the fear of what others would think or say just made it too uncomfortable for you to take action.  Is self doubt, lack of confidence or comparing yourself to others  holding you back from stepping into the life you desire?  Leadership is a daily practice, and the more we work on ourselves, the better we lead our lives, our teams, our families, businesses and our communities.  

Being a Mom is hard, but we all agree, there is no better role in the world.  Being a Mom Boss is even harder, yet it can actually empower us to be more of who we are, and ignite some passion, purpose and positivity into a day that otherwise can be mundane, messy, and for many of us full of overwhelm and busyness.   I finally learned the secret….  You can have it all (well, sort of)….


Once I learned the power of delegation, letting go, 80/20 rule, embracing my Messy and going from just doing to being, everything changed for me.  A big part of Living HIPP and my life is Self Care - sometimes I am really good at it, and sometimes I am really good at avoiding it, can you relate?   One of my tools for Self Care is Yoga, it has literally changed my life.  Yoga is the journey to self.  Yoga & Meditation allow us to get out of our minds, and into our hearts, to listen to our own best coach & teacher, ourselves.   I know as Moms we find ourselves on the hamster wheel of life, going, going, going and not getting anywhere but stressed, depressed and overwhelmed with life.  It is possible to get off the hamster wheel  and create a wheel of balance for all areas of your life: Spirituality, Family, Finances, Friends/Relationships, Wellness, Work/Business and lets not forget FUN!   Self Care is a transformational practice that is ignored by so many Moms, I know because I am one of them, and I coach many of them.  In reality, Self Care is more important than most of the things on our long To Do lists.  

How would you like to replace anxiety with peace, replace sadness with serenity, replace negative thoughts, with positive ones, replace anger with kindness, replace bad habits with healthy ones, but most importantly, accept yourself and your feelings on where you are at, it is that fine balance of imperfection.  Imagine what it feels like accepting yourself as you are while working on a better version of you.  Living HIPP is a warrior lifestyle, it is the choices we make every day, it also honors the challenges and truth that exists, life can be hard, we want to erase it, numb it, escape it, ignore it but in reality, we need to be present with it, take it straight on, which is hard, and vulnerable, and messy too.    I know society tells you that you need to be strong, smart, beautiful, and have it all together (you know, Martha Stewart sort of stuff), but the truth is, you don't, and you shouldn't and No. One. Does.  Living HIPP is a lifestyle brand that empowers you to stand in your own strength, to make progress, to discover your purpose, to accept your vulnerabilities and to balance that with living in the moment, and choosing joy. 

Living HIPP is a movement, it is not only about us living our best life, it is about how women show up for each other in the world.  It is about encouraging, empowering, understanding and supporting others.  Women will change the world, when we learn to build each other up rather than tear each other down.   Lets change history together! 



Pam Guyer is an Author, Speaker, Life Style Expert for Moms, top leader in Social Selling, Brand Ambassador, and Founder of Living HIPP.  

Pam has over 25 years experience in Leadership Development, having worked as a Leadership Development professional in the Healthcare, Technology, and Financial Industries providing mentoring, and leadership skills training prior to becoming a business owner herself.    

Pam earned her Masters in Training & Development in 1999, and two years later launched a home based business in Direct Sales.  Pam promoted to the top of that business, creating a sales team that generated multi-million sales annually. Pam joined another Direct Sales company and promoted as a top leader, and leads and mentors mostly women and moms in business.  

In 2010, Pam founded and launched Life Style Brand, Living HIPP--Happy Inspired Passionate Peaceful.  She also wrote her first book Living HIPP, helping women and moms to own their lives.   She is passionate about Moms creating a lifestyle that allows them to live with purpose, passion & empowerment while balancing that with family, daily demands and their role as Mom.  She is the ultimate Mom Boss and is a champion for Moms creating more fulfillment & happiness while managing life, and doing so authentically, with humility, humor, grace, vulnerability and vitality.  

  • Youngest of 5 kids
  • Married my best friend
  • Mother of 3 amazing kids
  • Put myself through College
  • Homecoming Queen & Prom Queen
  • Cheerleader, yes, of course I was!
  • Horrible grades in High School, Graduated College Summa Cum Laude
  • Fiesty, Sassy and an advocate (a bitch, but passionate sounds a lot better)
  • Empath & Highly Sensitive, I feel everyone's pain
  • I love Starbucks coffee, morning coffee is a sacred ritual to me
  • Champion of the Under Dog
  • 50 Years old, but I still feel 29
  • love the beach, the sights smells and sounds are therapy to me
  • Yoga Girl, I practice hot power yoga 4-5 days a week
  • I have a love/hate relationship with running
  • Music, dancing and singing, I should have been a rock star, but my voice sucks
  • Pictures, I love taking videos & pictures and celebrating life's moments
  • I have two dogs, and the little one is named Poochie, which was my dad's nickname for me
  • I swear, a lot.  But I laugh even more. 
  • I hate bullies, I want to do more about mean girls and bullies
  • Yoga Pants, sometimes I put them on to go get ice cream
  • Kindness rocks my world.  I love good hearted people.
  • I am an introvert, even though most people think I am an extrovert
  • I love all things pretty, I even love the word pretty.
  • I love being home, I love design, building, renovation and home design
  • I love simplicity.  I love the simple things that bring great joy
  • Love anything Spa, massages, facials pedicures, and relaxation
  • I love to write.  To tell stories, to make others laugh.  
  • I am a girlie girl, I want to look and feel beautiful
  • My family is my everything.