When Women Gather

There is so much power when women gather with a common mission, a positive heart, and a caring spirit towards each other and the group.   I believe with all my heart that women will change the world once we all learn to collaborate more and complain and blame less.   I just had one of these weekends where women gather as I co-hosted a leadership retreat with my direct sales team leaders.   We put a lot of thought into the weekend, from content to purpose, to vibe, and wanting each leader attending feeling empowered, engaged, and ready to leave this Beach House a renewed, focused woman ready to take on 2017 with power & purpose.   As always, it was so much more.  It was so much more to listen to peoples “whys,” which is why they are doing a business from home.    We are teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, stay-at-home moms, pilates instructors, PhD’s, counselors, authors, bloggers.  We are your sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends.   Reasons why people start in this business are usually not what keep them in it.  While our company has a huge Social Mission which we all take to heart and are committed to, our eyes also open up to the economic opportunity and being empowered to create change, not only in the world, but in ourselves, in our lives, families, and homes.   The truth.  The truth inside all of us is this….

We all want to know our worth.
We all want to be in a place we can not only survive, but thrive.
We all want to make a difference.
We all want to be appreciated, recognized (and dare I say validated).
We all want to be part of something bigger than us.  To be of service.

So while we are confident, and enjoy our lives and feel blessed, we also have a small voice inside that needs to let us know we are enough.  Yes, we are worthy and yes, we can change the world, dream that dream, be more, do more, have more, and as my mentor would say, so we can give more!  
This weekend we came together to learn, grow and share, and we leave with so much more.  I am grateful to be surrounded by such caring, positive, smart, strong & fun women—and while I planned the curriculum, facilitated, and shared, I learned. I learned so much from these amazing women. I feel like I grew as a person and while I wanted to give so much to everyone attending, I leave this event with a full heart, with such gratitude, and am reminded once again why I do what I do.

I help this company with our important mission, but I also help women and moms build confidence, gain focus, gain clarity, cast a vision, feel empowered, and as such, change the trajectory of their lives.  

When Women Gather, and are positive, truly amazing things happen! 

Pam Guyer