Year of the Detox

I have declared for myself, 2017: the year of the Detox!

I am detoxing anything that does not bring me joy, make me feel good, and simplifying things so that I can be more creative and hold space for the things that really matter.  After a year+ of living reactively and not as intentional, I finally feel in the space where I am ready to rebuild my framework to hold what matters most.  

I am detoxing every area of my life!  

My biggest focus this year is wellness.  First of all, I want to lose the weight that I gained last year, and feel my right size.  I also want to be in better shape, feel stronger and begin my 50’s feeling healthy & strong.  I want to have energy, feel well rested, clarity, grounded, light and get a bounce in my step again.

I want to detox negative thoughts and rebuild my positive mindset, not only to think positive (which I do) but also to really work more in this space to create happiness, happy thoughts, feel good moments and have that winning and unstoppable attitude but also honor the nature of other thoughts as they come and go.   Prayer, affirmations and study will help me as I look to make even more shifts in this area after a period of time experiencing anxiety and grief.  

I love my spirit.  I can point out a lot of things about me that I don’t like but I love my spirit.  Anything that does not align with my spirit, and spiritual growth, it just needs to go.  Spiritual growth is a journey that never ends, and I love the wonder of this and how I am the co-creator of my life, along with Him.

I am usually fairly good at this, but I will be extremely vigilant in only having people around me that are positive, encouraging, believe in me (and me in them), caring, compassionate, authentic and kind.  The rest can go.  

I am going to dedicate this year to decluttering my home, one room and space at a time.  Getting rid of things we no longer need or want (what does not spark joy), and creating spaces that inspire me, reflect who I am and my taste and rooms that have a feel good vibe.   My entire first floor will be getting either a renovation or makeover—this will be a year-long project.  

Simplifying my businesses to focus on only what is needed and getting rid of the rest.   

While I have been on this journey with skin care, I am going to continue to be in search of products that are healthier for myself and my family and commit to making smarter choices where possible.  

It is time to let shit go.
It is time to value only those that value me.
It is time to decide what is important to me.
It is time to not try and please everyone.
It is time to dedicate time to these areas. 
It is time to be bold, be brave and move forward.
It is time to get rid of what is no longer working.
It is time.



Pam Guyer