Humble Pie

One of my life goals was to write a book, and I achieved that dream five years ago (how can it be five years now)?   Living HIPP (Happy Inspired Passionate Peaceful) was born out of a big transformation in my life—reaching a point of finally being able to truly go inside and discover & uncover my truth, authentic self, purpose & passion.   Yoga was the vehicle for me to peel off layers of expectations, brands, people, titles, achievements and tap into my voice, my whisper, and my truth.  I became so inspired that I branded this spirit, this feeling and this way of life, a lifestyle for moms (and women) to own their lives, and live with passion, purpose, health, happiness & peace.  TALL ORDER.  But possible because I was beginning that journey.  I believe in this brand and mission with all my heart.  I see a need.  I believe so many women are feeling this busyness/overwhelm and routine that they need to break out of and break into a new way of being.  Being present.  Being calm.  Being authentic.  Being healthy.  Being brave.  Being empowered.  Being more of who they were born to be, which gave birth to this brand, lifestyle, and mission.  

This week I had an opportunity to pick the book back up, give it a read to clean anything up, as I am going to give the cover a new look & feel.  Having had a few challenging years, the book I wrote not only made even more sense to me, but made me realize how important these lessons are and that we need to hear them over and over and over again.   One step forward, two steps back.  Living HIPP to me has become “tracks to run on.”  When you go off track (which you will), the content, messages, and mission are tracks for you to get back on.  A lot has changed since I wrote the book.  A new home, an injury, a new business, losing my mom, and the serious health decline of my mother in law—life sure is going to hit you up hard at times, and we need to continue to invest in ourselves be good to ourselves and share this with the world.

As I see women work together and collaborate, I appreciate the mission of our brand in creating more collaboration and power, but also I realize we have a long way to go—women truly have not risen to the level of kindness, compassion, and collaboration that we need to move our culture and world to a more positive place.

While I wrote this book five years ago and I learned a lot in the process, I am learning more from my words now. I am seeing how true, important, and relevant many of these messages are.  I have a genuine interest in sharing this with the world, which I believe I will, but for now it is a grass roots effort and a passion project.  

It is a journey and I am always a student.  I see such a need for women to take time to invest in themselves and be brave enough to make small changes and shifts, while accepting where they are at and honoring that.  I am happy to share that I continue to believe that every mom and woman deserves to live HIPP, read the book, and more importantly, embrace the lifestyle & spirit!

Pam Guyer