What a Girl Needs

A girl needs to be two things, classy & fabulous.  Coco Channel

Might I add, classy, fabulous & fun?!

It is she who creates her own fun, who finds the joy in the chaos, and who is wise enough to know it is not all fun.  It is about creating the moments of fun and the moments of joy, peace, beauty, and self-care.  

Taking time for self-care and a daily regimen is important to feeling fabulous.  
It does not have to be a day at the spa.  It can be a 10 to 15 minute pampering time at home.  Those often are the best ways to relax, exhale, be mindful, and feel fabulous.  

Taking time to take care of you is important to how you look and feel.  It is also a time to let go of all the demands in your life and to create a space of simplicity, a space of care, a space of love, a space of renewal, and a space to call your own.  

It may look luxurious on the outside, but it is very simply loving on the inside.  XO

Pam Guyer