They Will Gather

Build it and they will gather.

This is true for making a fire at home.  Anytime we make a fire and the kids are home, they will make their way to the room and hang out with us.  
It is a great gathering spot, conversation starter, and opportunity to take time to connect, share, laugh, and be together.

This applies to so many things, be it home, work, or communities.  

Are you looking to deepen your relationships and/or family time?   
Build a fire at home and if you do not have a fire place, how about a fondue set or something you can gather around.  It is not about the fire or fondue, it is about the time together and connecting, especially as we are all so attached to our digital devices, it breaks us free from that.

Are you looking to influence others in the work you do?
Just do it and share it.   Stay consistent.  Keep doing and sharing and before you know it, you will influence others, even if you are not aware of it.  Do good, do the next right thing, stay in activity or momentum, be willing to be vulnerable, get back up when you fall down.  Your example and consistency will influence others in a positive way.

Are you looking to gather others around a cause or important mission?
Share your passion.  Educate, empower, edify, and stay focused on why you are doing passionate and then focus on others.

In all of this, gathering, connecting, sharing—make sure you are present, make sure you are mindful, make sure you are intentional, make sure you are interested in others, listening, open, honest, caring, and positive.

Let this inspire you to fire it up with work and keep the fire burning at home.  
Create the places and spaces that inspire you, that support family life (and/or your life) and truly be present.  Enjoy the moment you are in and laugh at the moments that just might not go as planned or be as pleasant.  


Pam Guyer