Rock Your Middle Age Jeans (Genes)!

Rock Your Middle Age Jeans (Genes)!
And all of a sudden you are middle age.  How did you get here?  Why were your 30’s such a blur? Middle age is not what it was years ago.  It is a becoming of more freedom, wisdom, courage, and spirit.   My decade of the middle ages has been transformational and more about how the world fits me, rather than how I fit in to the world.   

Admittedly, I go down swinging.  

I want to look and feel beautiful.  I want to rock my skinny jeans.  I want to always have a pep in my step.  I want to be stylish yet in yoga pants and pajamas too. So, I make these things happen (when possible) and I am forgiving of myself if I am not feeling it.  

I have a rule for myself and it is “no mom jeans allowed.”  I don’t want to settle.  I don’t want to not care about how I look and feel.  It is important to me (not most important) but truly important to my HIPP life.   

Here are some TIPPS to keep you looking & feeling good:
-exercise every day (even if it is walking)
-do yoga (such a great way to tap into your inner HIPP)
-eat well (no, not perfect but well)
-sleep (such a challenge for all of us)
-do a wardrobe edit (say bye to the things you have not worn in a year)
-do a daily skin care regimen (it is a game changer)
-get a blow out at the dry bar (this just feels good)
-replace your cosmetic bag with non toxic products (this is so important)
-make sure you love your jeans (a HIPP girl always needs a good pair of jeans)
-get a few on trend items, they blend well with the classic pieces
-lip gloss, mascara & a smile (such simple steps each day)
-take an extra 5 to 10 minutes getting ready, this always helps me feel it

Pam Guyer