The Small Things are the Big Things!


After getting through such a busy season and celebrations, I must admit, it took me off track.  As women and moms, I believe so many of us do that, we get out of balance, and our desire is to get back to balance, I will be writing more on this topic as I build this back into my life real time.  In the meantime, I have been practicing small things.   Rather than rush through the day, overwhelmed and beating myself up for what I did not get done because I got so much done these past few months, I am getting my self back to my daily routine, slowly but surely as they say….

The daily practice for me right now is in the small things.  Doing little things that not only bring me joy but are good for me.  During this season of blooms, fresh cut flowers (and in our home celebratory flowers for so many events), I am placing fresh flowers in spaces that could use some freshening up.   The Kitchen window sill, I have written a blog post about before.  It is the place where we stand, we think about the monotony of the day, or the things we have to do, and if we are lucky enough or mindful, how blessed we are to have this moment, this time, this space where thoughts or gratitude swirl, as we clean up our kitchen after each meal.   The window sill (especially in New England), has 4 Seasons, 4 extraordinary views that quite honestly I take for granted many days.  The days that I train my brain to be present, to be mindful and enjoy the scenery around me are the days I feel so grateful and blessed.    Today is one of those days.  Enjoying the beauty out my window.  Enjoying the fresh cut flower, so simple, so pretty.  Enjoying having the ability to do these things, have a flexible schedule and also a perspective on life (at least at this very moment).  

Today is one of those days….
Adding a simple white flower, to my simple white kitchen brings me joy.  It makes me happy (even if I feel some other feelings too).  It is a reminder to appreciate the small things, for the really are the big things.

What do you do in your daily life that brings you joy?  What are the small things, that really are the big things for you?

Here are some of the small things in my life, that really are the big things.   It is my hope that this inspires you to implement more of the small things, with a grateful heart, and appreciate all you are blessed with, both big & small.  Some days we just need baby steps, and these small things help us to choose joy!   XO

—Fresh cut flowers
—Walk in Nature (beach, lake, park, woods) 
—A hug from one of your kids
—A love note to your spouse or kids
—Cold water with a fresh slice of lemon
—A conversation with a friend
—Lunch with a friend
—5 minutes of uninterrupted time outdoors, close your eyes and be present in the moment
—treat yourself to a nice healthy lunch
—Capture a picture of something you find beautiful for inspiration
—Make a list of the top 10 things you are grateful for
—5 minutes of cardio to get the endorphins pumping
—do some yoga poses, this can center you

These are just a few things to motivate you and get you into a mindful place.  I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed, I know what it is like to have negative thoughts and feel stuck.  Life is too short to accept that way of life.  Find joy in the small things, for they really are the big things!


Pam Guyer