Cupcakes or Kale


It’s Either Cupcakes or Kale


While I would love to call myself this health warrior that just does yoga, drinks green juice and meditates on a dime, that would not be sharing the whole truth.

I love my healthy practice of those things, and I try to stay on track as much as possible. But...  sometimes cake happens. Cupcakes can be the name for ice-cream, pizza, chips, muffins, etc...   Why does it feel so good sometimes to just indulge, to find a quiet moment in time where it is just me, and I am diving in deep into sugar, carb, and salty heaven.  Or is it hell?  

I know….  I know…..  Everything in moderation….

Some wow me with this sense of moderation in everything.  I am not a moderation kind of girl.  I have to be keenly aware of this and in the right mental space to live this way.  Life gets overwhelming, and when I get too busy or tired or hungry or whatever, all of these hacks go right out the door.  

Maybe it is really good to go off track?  Not sure if that is true, but there is a saying in life “eat the cake”!  

I buck perfection.  I love when I am in a mindful space, feeling healthy, whole, doing yoga & drinking my greens.  I really do feel incredibly happy, empowered, light and free.  But there is this “junkie” side to me, and she has a voice too!  

Maybe you are the person that does not even think of these things, and cannot relate.  This post is probably not for you.

However, maybe you experience these extremes and know this story all too well.  I find humor in it, but also when you have been on a carb and/or sugar binge, it feels gross and your body screams, "get me off of this!!"

I find the more I practice mindfulness the better I manage this craziness in my head.  The more sleep I get and when I am balanced (not busy), it allows me to schedule in the self-care practices that help me stay on course and on kale.  

As I grow, I become more of a truth teller.   Living HIPP is a lifestyle brand, not for the health fanatics necessarily, it is for those of us that struggle with the juggle, that love cupcakes and kale and that desire to create balance when possible.  

Hale to the Kale, but let us not forget to eat cake!


Pam Guyer