Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?

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Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  Perhaps like me, you are both!

I find it interesting that most people see me as an extrovert, and I get it, I have a large personality at times and am outgoing. 

Professionally, I have been known to be this way be it speaking, or facilitating a meeting or event, and personally, I have been known to be the life of the party (for better or for worse).   I am no longer the life of the party, took me a while, but I learned that is not who I want to be.  I would much rather be engaged with others, and having a meaningful conversation or belly laughs as opposed to small talk and demonstrating how fun I can be (alright, I’m fun, I will always insist on having fun, but now more than ever that fun needs to be authentic and real).   I share this with you because maybe you relate to this, or maybe this will help you to understand others better.  

Those that know me well, know both sides of me.  I stumbled upon this topic because I am feeling the major burden of being an introvert as well, which I love to be an introvert, but when our social calendar and celebration calendar is full (and we have a lot going on), it takes its toll. 

My extrovert persona loves to show up when I am well rested, feeling good, and know I can re-coop after a night out or social event or day.  As of late, it has been one celebration, event or occasion right after the other, in addition to working on home projects, business and family obligations, I am on overload.   The girl that loves to teach Living HIPP, feeling well in body, mind & spirit is tired, over did it (yup, I kind of can do that at times) and needs to honor my introvert self, the person that needs to rest, reflect, be alone, have silence and include serenity in my day.  

In these weeks leading up to end of school year, dance season and graduation and birthday events (and proms), it has been just too much.

I love all of these things, and I am grateful to have participated but will admit, I am glad it is all over.  I need a little “me” time, I need to get grounded, get back to my schedule and do the daily self-care and living Hipp practices that make me feel whole, make me feel grounded, and allow me to feel balanced.  

So how about you, are you an introvert, extrovert or both?

Do you take time to rest, reflect, replenish, rejuvenate? 

Do you get your energy from being around people or to you recharge with some down time?  

What do you do for self-care, how do you stay grounded?  

I am married to an extrovert, so it makes things even more of a challenge.  I cherish our friendships, I just can’t and have no desire to go be and do things socially all of the time.  While he gets pumped up by that, I become drained.   

The extrovert life is a lot more attractive and sometimes easier, it is more socially accepted and there is nothing like raising the vibe in the room.  But the introvert life is where the magic truly happens.  It is where we take a moment, we pause, we breathe and we reflect on what really matters, and how we want to spend our time and we let go of our need to be everything to everyone—we just learn to be.

How can you let go and just be?

Are you really spending your time and energy on the things and people that matter? 

Has social media changed your “view” on how your social life is suppose to look?

Are the moments and the things you see (a flower, the ocean, the lake, the green grass) just as inspiring and fulfilling in your day?

Introverts and extroverts and those of us that are both, need to be aware, aware of who we are and what gives us energy and what drains us.  We also need to be forgiving of others that don’t accept every invite and/or need some time and space to care for themselves, you just never know what is going on—we just never know the healing that needs to take place for others in their seasons of life.  

Now that my busy season is almost behind me, self care will be the main theme, and I am inviting both my introverted and extroverted self to the party—there is a seat for everyone!  XO

Pam Guyer