The Practice of Gratitude


Having a daily practice of gratitude can shape your day in a way that shifts everything you think, say, and do.

It is a foundation in which we build our mindset from and comes from a place of humility and positive energy.  Life throws negativity at us and we all have some form of negative thinking (some more than others).  It is the practice of gratitude that relinquishes the old stories, the complaints, the challenges, and focuses us on what we truly have each day to be grateful for.    If we woke up this morning, we should be beyond grateful.   Do we have a roof over our head, love in our heart, and family and friends to love?  Assuming we do, we should be grateful.  Many of us have incredible opportunities each day in our life, perhaps going to yoga or the gym, doing work we love, surrounding ourselves in natural beauty, these are all things to be grateful for.  Things happen during our day that are the opposite force and it is our gratitude that keeps us grounded and helps us to truly appreciate what is, rather than what is not.  

Practice Gratitude Daily.  First thing in the morning think about what you are most grateful for, go to the next step and write these things down.  

Take time to acknowledge, appreciate, and give gratitude and thanks for these things.   They do not always have to be the big things like health, family, home, work.  They should also include the simple things.  The simple things are just as important to our HIPP life.   I write gratitude daily and participate with a small group where we all share five things each day we are grateful for.  It is incredibly empowering and rewarding, even on days I don’t feel like getting online to do it, I just do, and it always makes me feel better.  This helps us from going through the motions of life and getting caught up in the busyness and life demands, to truly being connected to our lives, our feelings, our hearts, our gifts, and the beauty in it all (and yes, the mess too).  

Here is an example of one of my Daily Gratitudes:

1.  Fun date night with Charlie, I am so grateful we take time for each other.

2.  My kids.  While they are teens, they and who they are help me love these teen years (most of the time)!

3.  Coffee.  Morning coffee rocks my world.

4.  My pretty pink chair.  My splurge for my office makeover, can’t wait until it all comes together.

5.  Waking up Sunday morning, being alcohol free is underrated.  Best buzz I have ever had!  

Challenge yourself to write gratitude daily.  You can do so old school in a journal or simply do it on your computer by yourself or reach out to a friend that wants to do the same and share it with each other.  It will enhance your perception and view and truly help you to appreciate what is.  

Pam Guyer