Fight or Flight


Fight or Flight?

While we are on our journey in life, while we have many HIPP moments, there are those moments that challenge us to fight or flight.

I grew up in an environment where there was no other choice but to fight, which was usually exercised in a positive way with a positive outcome regardless of how difficult the challenge was. 

We all have our fight moments….

Fighting for what you believe in.  Fighting for your family.  Fighting for justice.  Fighting to make your life better.  Fighting for your health.  Fighting for your happiness.  Fighting for your education.  Fighting for your career.  Fighting for your sanity.  Fighting for others that can’t fight for themselves. We fight.  We show up.  We address the elephant in the room.  It is hard.  It is awkward.  It is unwanted and at times it is ignored and dismissed.  

Whatever it is you know in your heart to be true (not necessary right), fight for it.  Know you are strong enough, smart enough, bold enough, and worth enough to fight rather than flight.  

Nothing great in the world or in our lives happens when we silence our voice.  We need to use our voices to create change.  We need to use our passion to cast vision, our voice to speak up, our truth to inspire others, and our wisdom to educate and inform.   Those days you want to hit the eject button, just be still, think before you act, and be brave enough to fight for what it is you believe in.  

Pam Guyer