Little Girls with Big Dreams

Little Girls with big dreams, grow up to be women that will be a force in the world.  

Do you remember your dreams as a little girl?  Do you remember the wonder and beauty that you created in your head and in your heart?

Do you remember there were no boundaries, no voice saying why that dream does not make sense or cannot happen?  

As a little girl I know you danced with imagination, wonder, and boundless energy to be, do, and create whatever it was your little heart desired.  

You even declared to either your family, your friends, your dolls, or yourself that you would be __________ when you grew up.  

What happened?   You grew up.  You learned doubt, fear, and the reality of costs and commitments—none of us are immune to these things.

What if you went back to your little girl dreams and gave them an upgrade?  What if you combined the wonder, courage, imagination, and added your interests and passions and created your dreams for your future without any boundaries or obstacles?  

It is never too late to dream and it is never not possible.  Believe that it is possible.  Believe that you can.  Believe that you will.  Believe that any obstacles in your way are signposts directing you where to go.  Always follow your heart, it truly knows the way.  

What would you tell your little girl self?  Sorry darling, but life is hard and you just have to suck it up, make a living, and stay in the box.

No thank you.

Here is what I would and am telling my little girl self.

Baby Girl, you were born to do great things.  Be proud of what you have accomplished so far, but know you have more in you, so much more that needs to be shared with the world.  Never let others bring you down or dull your light.  You shine and you need to shine your light so that others can shine too.  Be brave.  Be bold.  Use your voice to create positive change.  

So, that crazy dream you hold in your heart.  It is time to own it.  Believe in it.  Take action on it.  You can’t abandon your life to make that happen, but what you can do is take that one step.  Take that tiny step forward and then take another step and another.  When you fall down, hear no, are discouraged, keep pressing on no matter what.  You got this.  You can do it.  I believe in you.  I believe in our dreams.  I believe in us.  I believe in the power of women encouraging women (and also the next generation).  So, it is not only your job to take action on your dreams, it is your job also to support all women in theirs—and to help those that are less fortunate and need our voices.

Stand up for your dreams.  Stand up for others.  Stand up for Living HIPP for your generation and those that follow.

Let's teach our little girls not only how to dream but how to treat each other, because when we truly come together, we will change the world.  

Pam Guyer