The Calm in the Storm

We all need to find the Calm in the Storm.  This might be something personal in your life or perhaps it is the political landscape or trying times we are experiencing as Americans and in the world.   

This I do know….  We have a choice.

We have a choice in how we interpret, react, treat others, and process it all.

Social media makes this worse as people feel the freedom to attack others online and at times it is alarming to see the hate, disrespect, and conflict from grown adults.  

I believe we all have our right to have our opinion and to share our difference of opinions.  Politics is many sides and all are valuable to some degree.  Respect should be inherent in everything we do.  Humanity should be the cornerstone in everything we do.  Being good to others should be more of an issue than it is in our world today.  Just be kind.  It is so simple yet so misunderstood.

In this climate of conflict, find your peace in the storm.  Set your mind on what is important to you.  Here are some ideas to create peaceful moments in your day and to center you mind and heart in a loving & positive place.  Namaste!

—Meditate & Pray Daily
—Begin each day with gratitude.  Start a gratitude journal naming five things you are grateful for.
—Rest.  Take 10 minutes in the morning and evening and just pause, reflect & gather.
—Warm Beverage.  Tea, coffee or lemon water can soothe the mind, heart & soul.
—Do yoga.  It very simply helps you be a happier, nicer, more tolerant, and calm person.
—Breathe.  Breathing exercises calm the mind and relax the body.
—Choose positive thoughts.  Are you blaming, complaining or thinking good thoughts?
—Be of service to others.  Doing good deeds just feels good and gets you out of your head.
—Forgive.  I know this one is hard.  Forgive those that have been less than good to you.
—Praise.  Praise others.  Be genuine in that.  It feels so good and is a gift you can share.
—Exercise.  Movement releases endorphins and endorphins feel good.  
—Create a clutter-free space.  Clearing things out brings peace of mind.
—Let it Go.  Whatever it is for you.  Just let that go.  
—Creativity.  Draw, write, imagine, dance, sing, let your creative self free.
—Write a letter.  Write a letter to yourself or someone you love with kind words & love.
—Laugh.  It truly is the best medicine.

Take time to find the calm in your life and especially during the storm.  When you practice like this, you can’t help but inspire others to do the same.  This is living HIPP and this will in fact change the world.  Let it change yours!  XO

Pam Guyer