A cornerstone of the HIPP brand.  Peace always begins with ourselves.  Our world and our country need more Peace than ever before—it is hard to believe we are not all activists for Peace.  It is not flowery, hippie or crunchy.  Peace is about being Kind.  It is about being Caring.  It is about leading your life with love.  It is about being good to others.  It is about being good to yourself.  

Where do we start?

Peace begins with you.  Do you dedicate each day to thinking about what brings you peace, what brings you joy, and what brings out the best in you?  Do you give thought to removing the things that do otherwise?  Are you kind to yourself?  Are you kind to others.

If you are feeling hopeless or afraid of the world we live in, don’t you dare give up.  Stand up for Peace every day.  It begins with you.  It does not mean everything is okay, it just means you are doing the best you can.  Be kinder to each other.  Be good to strangers, friends, and foe.  Serve others.  Don’t get dragged into the drama of the world, be different, stand for unity.  Stand for kindness.  Do good deeds.  When we each rise up and change our own vibration, we can’t help but inspire that in others.  

I believe that women hold a special power in this.  I believe with all my heart when we stand in unity and for each other, that nothing will stop us and at that point, we will create world peace.

Pam Guyer