Ave Maria

Proud mom moments are the fabric of motherhood and they connect us deeply in a way that we can truly be happy for each other.  

My proud mom moment came this weekend while sitting in the audience at the Showcase of the Stars, waiting with anticipation to see my daughter’s solo and duo and small group number.  I love this time.  It is the kick off to the dance season and seeing my daughter do what she loves and is passionate about, dance.

My daughter walked on stage in this Angelic white costume. I was confused because I thought she was wearing the red one, but I don’t worry about the details, I just wait.  

Ave Maria started playing, my eyes swell with tears,. This song is a favorite of my mom’s. I am touched immediately knowing this is a tribute to her Nanny and a surprise for me.  

I can’t even describe the thoughts racing through my head.   God, how did I get blessed with a daughter so kind, so good, so loving, so angelic?   I also think I came from a woman like that.  My Mom was incredibly kind, warm, loving, thoughtful, and positive.  She would have loved this. I can only believe that she was dancing with my girl, so proud of us both, and sending her love through the feelings that were filling my heart and soul, such feelings of love and loyalty.  

This dance tells a story.  It is not just my story, it is our story.  It is about the love of a daughter, the love of a mother, and the love of a grandmother.  It is about love and it is about loss.  It is our story, all of ours.  While we lose our grandmothers and mothers, the dance still goes on.  The generations of woman represent them on stage and in life.  We celebrate our love, our grace, our beauty, and we dance with life.  

I am touched, and this tribute took my breath away.   These are the moments that matter and these are the messages that are important.  This dance shall forever play in my head and heart and remind me that the beauty and grace in my mother dances all around me and is forever present in my life.  My girl.

Pam Guyer