Step into Your Greatness 

Believe!  This topic is coming up a lot in my life, between parenting, my relationships and my own experience in life.  

I have reminded my kids over and over that you have to believe in more, you have to imagine, and you have to have faith.  Dream Big and go for it!

At times, things in life might feel impossible or based on “reality”, you might need to accept the situation.  However, if I lived my life that way, it would look a lot differently.  My story is one in which I followed my heart, I dared to dream, I cast a vision and I did the hard work to reach all of these milestones and trajectories—it changed my life.  I find myself currently in a place of resistance, and I can feel it all over me.  Your gut and your feelings (even when things seem to be impossible), truly know the path for you, we just need to be brave enough to step into our greatness, to step forward and have the courage to believe in more, and be willing to leave our mark, not for ourselves, but for helping others.  

Here is some advice that is proven, it worked for me, and it can work for you.  

1.  Try.  You never will get to where you want to be unless you try.  You’ve got to take action.  

2.  Invite Yourself.  Don’t wait for someone to say “you should be this, earn this or go here”. You’ve got to see it for yourself, even if it seems impossible.

3.  Decide.  What ever it is that you want or desire, decide to go after it, no one ever achieves anything, without making the decision to go for it.

4.  Believe.  While facts and figures may not agree, your belief is more important and this spiritual shift and energy will manifest your desires.  

5.  Put Your Blinders On.  Stop paying attention to nay sayers, doubters, and conservative views, you’ve got to take risks and be willing to fail.  

6.  Ask.  You’ve got to ask for what you want, only those that ask, and take action will achieve their dreams.  

7.  Fail.  You’ve got to fall down, you’ve got to make mistakes and be willing to be different, and brave enough to fall.  It strengthens you.  

8.  Work Hard.  In any endeavor or stretch, hard work can diminish fear, and hard work will make you stand out and achieve.  

9.  Be Positive.  You move forward with a positive mindset, about yourself and those around you.  There is nothing to be gained by putting others down.

10. Just Do It.  Timing is never good, there are lots of reasons you should not, ignore those excuses and take action.  Just Do It!  


This is your call to action to step forward and into your Greatness what ever that means for you. You have one life, be brave enough to take a step forward and go after what it is you want, and in doing so, leave your mark, encourage others to do the same!  


Pam Guyer