The Power of the Ponytail


The Power of the Ponytail is one of my expressions around girl power and being who we are.
I love the power of the pony, and how to use our girl power as our super power.
I love being a girl, I love girlie things, and I love the power that my ponytail brings to me.

I think it is okay to want to be pretty, and you can be that and powerful. We want to teach girls to be boys, but why not let it be okay to be pretty, and to celebrate the girl in you, if you like what it stands for. I think being yourself is the most awesome thing you can do, be authentic to who you are. Boyish, awesome, Girlish, so very awesome—why are we trying to dull down what makes some of us sparkle & shine?

The power of the pony, exactly what is it?
I love to throw a ponytail in my hair and get shit done.
I love a messy bun and yoga pants on the daily.
I love to wear my hair in a pony tail, and be on stage empowering others.
I love to wear a ponytail when I wash my face at the end of the day.
I love to wear a ponytail with a baseball cap. A little boy and a whole lot of girl!
I love how a ponytail takes a girl to a woman.
I love how a ponytail can be a power move professionally. Screw the corporate hair image...
I love how a ponytail can be a sweet hair style on a warm summer day.
I love how a ponytail is our power play and our girlhood to womanhood.
I love how a ponytail shows our face, and does not hide the fact we are girls, women and oh so feminine.

The power of the pony is a metaphor for the power we hold as women and girls.
It’s a "you go girl" spirit.
It’s a beautiful advantage that we take for granted.
It is our statement on being a girl, being a woman and celebrating that.

The power of the pony is the power of she. It can be neat, it can be messy and by all means it should be both!
We are not fragile, we are strong, capable, smart, passionate and pretty. Pretty powerful, with the pony or not….


Pam Guyer