Let Them Judge You  


There will be critics, and it is hard when people say things about you that are either not true, far too judgmental, misinformed and quite honestly mean spirited.  I have had my share of this over the years, it is hurtful, it is frustrating, but the truth of the matter is, there will always be critics. Let them judge you, let them spend their time this way, and let them go (it is about them, not you).  The truth is, there will always be critics, and there will always be people that want to bring you down, especially when you dare to be great, or when you shine, they will want to dull your light, your spirit.  Shine anyways, and don’t ever let the darkness of others stop you.  The fact is, they are not brave enough to be in the arena with you (Brene’ Brown), it is easier for them to put you down, than to rise to their own greatness (greatness is not just success, greatness is goodness, it is being a good person, it is sharing love in the world).  

While this is happening, know that there are people that are cheering you on, spend your time with these people that get you, are there for you, and are inspired by you.  God (or universe if that works better for you) is working on you.  He is preparing you, and believe in that, and have that faith and belief in your heart.  There is not one person that has achieved greatness that has not had critics and others trying to tear them down.  

I dream of a world where we do less of this.  I dream of a world where we put an end (or at the very least make drastic changes) and stop the bullies, mean girls, or negative behavior that is happening.  While we may not stop it, I believe we can do better.  The more we focus on this, and focus on building others up, I believe we can shift this and create more happy (kind) people. Where do we start?  Start with you.  Ignore what others say and do, and know that you are being guided, all you have to do, is see the best in yourself and others.  It is never about being perfect, it is about progress. 

Speak Life into Others.

Cheer others on.

Don’t Gossip (I know this is hard, but try and do it less).

Look for the best in others.  

Choose to be Inspired.

Be the Encourager.

Be Kind.

Serve others.  Help those around you.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.  

Ignore those around you that are not your champions or that are trying to bring you down.  Also, this is really important (and we all need to remember this daily), ignore that voice inside, you know that bitch, the one that gets on your case.  We all have her on our shoulder, and our job is to not listen to her as well.  Acknowledge her, but move on towards the feelings and thoughts that are positive and build you up.  

You are enough.  You are special.  You are smart.  You are kind.  Remember, you are God’s child and he made you for greatness.  God does not make junk, so don’t you dare even go there, rise up to who you are mean’t to be (perfectly imperfect).  

Your job is to honor that, live that way, and erase the words and images that say otherwise.  Be You.  

Do You.  


Pam Guyer