Reflect & Renewal Playlist

Reflection & Renewal

As women looking to live our best life, we need to identify tools that work for us that we can implement each day to make our day not only solid, but enjoyable.  Music is one of my tools,.  It is the lyrics and vibes that cover every emotion I am capable of.  It tells the stories of our hearts, hopes, dreams, fears, and renewal.  Each season I have songs that become my anthem, that give me hope, confidence, inspiration, excitement, motivation, and sometimes just deep moments of reflection and gratitude or excitement and joy.

As we are kicking off 2017, I am sharing with you a playlist I put together for the New Year. It is centered around reflection & renewal.  As you celebrate your life and look to creating great changes but also acceptance of where you are at, these songs might enhance your resolve.   I will be creating lists each month and I promise the next one will fire you up, but for now, isn’t it time we kick off the New Year with some reflection around our life, our purpose, our hopes and our dreams, and also create a sense of renewal.    This list was inspired by my yoga class.  Two of the songs were on a list I heard this month, proving once again how yoga inspires me in every area of my life.   I am grateful to have Yoga as a primary tool for Living HIPP.   I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do and it is my hope that you take time to reflect, refresh, and renew your spirit as you capture the vibe of your life, your new year and your new day!  If this is not your jam, then create a playlist that speaks to your soul.  It is such a great way to get in touch with that in which sets your soul on fire!

New Year, New Year HIPP Playlist
Reflection & Renewal

1.  Same Old Lang, Dan Fogelberg
2.  Don’t Know Why, Nora Jones
3.  All of Me, John Legend
4.  Wake Up, Harold Melvin
5.  Dogs, Damien Rice
6.  Amazing, One Eskimo
7.  Today My Life Begins, Bruno Mars
8.  Rise Up, Andra Day
9.  Brand New Day, Sting
10. What a Wonderful World, Louie Armstrong

11.  She’s Gotta Be Somebody’s Baby, Jackson Brown
12. Beautiful Day, U2

Pam Guyer