I AM….


The power of “I AM” can transform your life, your day and your moment.

I AM, and what comes after it can empower you or deflate you. Choose your words wisely and decide to make them power statements.
I love "I AM" statements, because they are our opportunity to decide, to declare and to own our space, ourselves, and our power in the world.

They are our truth, they are our statements that allow us to be brave, bold, and badass—even when we are feeling vulnerable and afraid.
We need to speak life into ourselves so that we may speak life into others. I find myself doing this and then also not doing this, and saying things to myself that are not filling me up, they are bringing me down. Do you do the same?

If you find yourself in that space of not thinking this way, and you have the need to feel more empowered, centered, and positive, begin with I Am statements. Make them true to you, who you are, what you want and perhaps what you need.

My “I Am” Statements:

—I Am Strong
—I Am Present
—I Am Light
—I Am Healthy
—I Am Peaceful
—I Am Joyful
—I Am Confident
—I Am Powerful
—I Am Happy
—I Am a Warrior
—I Am Productive
—I Am Passionate
—I Am Positive
—I Am Spiritual
—I Am Dynamic
—I Am Love

Create your list of I Am’s statements that will empower you to own it. What are you putting next to I AM and is it working for you or against you?
Lets change that today, lets speak life into ourselves so that we may speak life into others. We have one life, and many opportunities to make it great. Lets begin with I Am….


Pam Guyer