Pam’s Favorites, North Shore (MA) edition!

The Living HIPP brand is for everyone worldwide and most of my “Favorites” are all around the country.  Businesses & brands help us live a better life and on this platform, I share the ones that most readers have access to and can perhaps use and/or learn more about how to make their life more simple and HIPP!

This Boston girl has her own FAVORITES in her everyday life around the North Shore of Boston.  For my local readers (if I have any), here are my favorites.  For those of you not in this area, I hope this inspires you to either discover your favorites or take time to be grateful for the small business owners in your community.  I love doing commerce with local shops, moms in businesses and they usually exceed my expectations. 

Shopping local and doing commerce with the businesses in our community is important to economic growth and the small business owner.  I love to support my local ones, and in return, they help me live my HIPP life! 

These are my favorite everyday spots that help me live my HIPP life!

1. Empower Yoga Studio
Hot Power Yoga, Amazing Staff, Kick-Ass Teachers.  Truly the best yoga studio on the North Shore that has influenced yoga in our area. 

2.  Grassy Roots
Organic cafe perfect for a cup of soup or a green smoothie.  This is my favorite spot for lunch, both healthy and delicious.

3.  Tendercrop at Cannan
Farm fresh eggs, veggies, and seasonal decor for the home. 

4.  Appleton Farms
I don’t get there as much anymore because other farms are closer but it is a great spot and I want to try dinner there. 

5.  Nails & Co
I like how I can get an appointment there easily. And it is clean and relaxing!  I especially love pedis there.

6.  Hale Street
Five minutes from my house and a great spot for an informal date night.  Great food and comfortable.

7.  The Black Cow
As stated above.  I love the Cow because of the history. Fond memories of first discovering Hamilton and eating at the Cow.

8.  Eva’s Organic Butcher Shop
What a great addition to the North Shore, organic meats, poultry & specialty store. Love it.

9.  Chicken or The Eggplant. 
Paleo friendly meal delivery for your family or just you.  This is a great option twice a week to simplify your life.   Beverly, MA

10. Henry’s
Some people don’t like Henry’s because it is overpriced, etc…. I love it because there are items there I like, and I go every few weeks.  Mostly, I love the mom & pop feel of it, and I don’t like Stop & Shop.

Pam Guyer