My Girl

I hear a lot from other moms and friends that they love seeing my relationship with my daughter and how close we seem to be.  
I get the question or comment from time to time, it seems like you really are having fun, is it the case?   

Yes.  I always say, when I grow up I want to be more like my daughter.  

They question, can they really be that close, the answer is yes.   From the time she was a baby, she was a ray of sunshine.  As a toddler she was playful, positive, and loved to dance, sing, laugh, and play.  As a child, she was EASY.  As a tween she was adorable and had great friends.  As a teen she is a delight (most of the time).  Does she have her moments?  Yes.  But so do I.  

I always wanted for her to have sisters, but God had plans otherwise. So while she does not have a sister, she has me and I have her.  We love being together. I truly enjoy her company.  We love making memories together and have a friendship. I am her mother first.  I say things she does not want to hear.  She does not tell me everything.  In fact, I wish she would open up more about things.  She is no drama which as a teen girl is a gift.  She is a friend to everyone.  She is kind.  She is thoughtful.  She is endearing.  She is beautiful inside and out.  She is funny.  She is so friggin funny.  

I proudly share that she is my favorite girl in the whole entire world, which I love because I love cheering others on.  I love girl power.  I love womanhood.  I love the women in my life.  I love little girls.  I love being a girl.  With all that, there is one very very very special girl that owns my heart, that is an extension of me, that I love more than myself, and that is my girl!   As a mom there are days I don't know what I am doing.  Over the years, I have missed bake sales (who the F forgets to bring the brownies, I do, and then I have to listen to Perfect Polly make a snide remark)!  I have not sewn her costumes for dance, in fact, I have lost an item or two (and have listened to the dance moms bitch or make their snide remarks).  At the end of the day, I have a great girl and I know it.  She is not perfect.  She has and will make mistakes but at the core of who she is, she is beautifully made.  She is smart, kind, thoughtful, loving, fun, talented, passionate, strong, and sensitive, and as you can see, I am damn proud to be her mom.   
My girl.  My life.  My love.  #girlpower

Pam Guyer