Sunday Is Game Plan Day

I could write several posts about Sunday, as it is a day to rest, reset, regroup all the while, managing kids’ busy schedules.
As a Mom Boss (a working mom or at home mom), Sunday is an optimal day to create a game plan for the week.

This is the day I carve out 30 minutes and review my week.  Cup of tea, my calendar, the family schedule and I chart out my week.

I also write out when I will work my business. As I am a Mom Boss, I am scheduling my time on well, my time!

I look at the non-negotiable: kids’ activities, any necessary appointments for the family and my business appointments.
I schedule in Yoga (HIPP Girls must make wellness a priority on their schedule)—this is non-negotiable for me.
I write in the hours I will work my business (this helps to keep me focused).
I write out which nights I am out.  I negotiate with my husband who is doing what and I also write out errands that need to happen.

The next step is writing out my action plan, it usually gets written into these categories:

·      Family
·      Work
·     Home
·      Self-Care (I always try and schedule in one really good act of self-care each week like a massage, mani, or at-home mask or bath)

In addition to my schedule and things to do list—when I am really being intentional around self-care and how important it is to my life and living HIPP—I will create a plan for that in which I will list daily care:

·      Meditation/prayer
·      Reading (this is spiritual and/or positive)
·    Yoga
·      Affirmations (I need to get back to this)
·      Tea/coffee & refection
·      Journaling
·      Gratitude 

So there you have it!  If you feel overwhelmed or you want to see yourself be more grounded and productive and peaceful, I highly recommend taking a page from my book and having your own Sunday Game Plan Session.

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  I have experience with both!  X

Pam Guyer