I love The New Year!

I LOVE the New Year. I LOVE a FRESH START. I BELIEVE in all that is POSSIBLE. I BELIEVE in GOAL SETTING. I BELIEVE that ACTIVITY & ACTION is the only way we reach our VISION & GOALS. I believe this is YOUR TIME when you decide, commit, take action, practice kindness, and commit to being good to yourself and being good to others.. I believe COURAGE is your word this year. I believe that your word may also be one or all of the following: LEADER. BRAVE. UNSTOPPABLE. RESILIENT. POSITIVE. FEARLESS. BELIEVER. DOER.  CREATOR. WARRIOR.  PEACEFUL.  PRESENT.  HEALTHY. ABUNDANT. LIGHT. FIT.
I BELIEVE in MIRACLES. I believe in ordinary becoming extraordinary. I believe life is short, we need to seize the day, the moment and base our decisions on what it is we want more of and what it is we want less of.  But, keeping the focus on what we do have, what our opportunities are, what our strengths are rather than our weaknesses, obstacles, annoyances and concerns.  Focus on the good.  Believe in what is possible.  Expect the best.  See the best in yourself.  See the best in others.  Let Go.  Yes, Let that shit go (some self-talk here)!   Believe in miracles, believe in God, the universe, and all that you are worthy of, deserve, and can share with others.   You are the light.  You are the gift.  You are beautiful and you are enough.  

Let me ask you this.... What do YOU believe in? What do you WANT MORE of in your life? What do you want less of in your life? What changes are you willing to make to make that happen? What work are you willing to do daily to move yourself forward?

This is your year, this is your time, and when you take time to consider what it is that makes you happy, do more of that.   Evaluate some things that you do that do not bring happiness or joy, do less of that or don’t do it at all.  

Today is a new day. Today is a FRESH start. Today you write the story of your life, only YOU own the pen. You can sit back or you can jump in. Even if you are afraid (which you should be, we all are), jump in anyway. You are not alone in this thing called life, you have a tribe of people that love you.  If you don’t have positive women in your life, go find your tribe.  They are the ones that are building you up, cheering you on, and believing in you.  Anyone in your life that is negative, not supportive, and bringing you down, it is time to remove toxic people from your life.   Are you done playing small? If so, make the DECISION, make it NOW to OWN your life no matter what.    It is not just about doing, in fact, it is actually more about being.  It is that fine balance of being productive and on fire when it comes to your purpose and the work you do. But at the end of the day, are you happy, are you feeling a sense of balance, are you doing and being, meaning are you taking time for self-care, meditation, reflection, health, fitness, eating well, and doing the things that help us avoid stress, burn out, less than healthy choices, and exhaustion We all do it at times, the key is to get yourself on a great daily action plan so that you can be at your best in mind, body & spirit.  Progress, not perfection as you live your HIPP life.  

Happy New Year Warriors.   Know that anything is POSSIBLE and the only thing required from you is DESIRE, COMMITMENT, a POSITIVE ATTITUDE,  ACTION, and CONSISTENCY.  Lets get back on track for 2017, detox things in our life that are not working, so that we can make room for all the beauty that awaits us.  

Lets do this!  2017 is YOUR YEAR and YOUR TIME if that is what you desire!   I believe in miracles, I believe in the underdog, I believe in the human spirit, I believe in community, and I believe in you.  Lets make 2017 EPIC & HIPP.  You deserve all things Magic, and the miracle is you!   XO

Pam Guyer