Music Makes Things Better!

Music evokes so many feelings and most always makes me feel better.

When I am reflective, music sets the stage.

When I need inspiration, music will take me to places I have never been before.

When I need some energy, music gets me moving and grooving.  

When I want to feel good, pretty, beautiful and free, music and my imagination tether me in good vibes.

Music makes memories and reignites memories.

Music is a universal language, a melody, a line, a dance, a time in our lives.

Music calms our nerves and can bring us peace.

Music creates an ambiance, that is both celebratory and present. 

Music connects the ages and stages and is both historical and contemporary.

Music is the beat of our drum, our heart, our spirit.  

Music can add immediate joy, excitement, community, and fun. 

Music is a love story, a family bond, a friendship, and a fight for life.  

Music reminds us of where we have been, where we are at, and where we are going.

Music tunes into our soul, our hearts, and our positive energy.

Seasons change, people come and go, people grow, and music reminds us of our past, present, and future.

Music Makes Things Better!  Need a boost, to reignite, to feel better, you choose the mood, you choose the melody, and you make the music play!

Pam Guyer