Don't Compare Yourself to Others

Comparison IS the thief of joy!   

This is a lesson that every HIPP girl needs to practice and be reminded of time and time again.  

Never compare yourself to others!  Know this…  there will always be someone smarter, prettier, more successful, kinder, have more wealth, have more abundance, be more supported, and have it going on (or appear that way) more than you.

It is a waste of time.  It is not fair to you and those around you.  It is taking your eyes off of what is unique about you and what is in store for you.  

Women and girls are notorious for comparing themselves to others, which can make things either competitive or unkind,which is such a waste of time.

We all do it at some point to some degree.  What we need to do is train our brain to auto correct when we go there.  Everyone's journey is unique and what makes you special is YOU.   In this highly competitive, fast-paced world, we can get lost in this awful place of comparing ourselves, judging ourselves, and also perhaps judging others to justify where we are at.  It has nothing to do with you.  God (universe) has a plan for you, and when we take our eyes off of others and put it on him, and let go of that need to compare, we open up our heart and mind to all that is possible, and all that is beautiful about us, our purpose, our gifts, our authentic selves.  


Here are some TIPPs and things I do to help me not compare myself to others, and when I do, I go back to these thoughts or actions:


--Accept the fact that there is always someone more (pretty, smarter, connected, spiritual, talented, healthier, wealthier).  It is life and it is okay.

--You want to be YOU.  There is only ONE YOU, how freaking amazing is that.  OWN IT, BE IT, CELEBRATE IT, and BELIEVE IN IT!  You are a MIRACLE.

--It is not about the setback, it is about the comebacks!  Whatever your challenges, know we all have them, it is not about falling down, it is about getting back up!

--Be The Best Version of You!   You are a work in progress and know that no matter what, you are on a journey of your best life, how cool is that!

--Be happy for others.  HIPP girls celebrate others, they praise others (authentically) and admire and are inspired by others.  Embrace that spirit.

--Pray for your enemies.  Yes, the women that you don't necessarily like.  Don't envy them or be mad at them, pray for them and forgive them (hard).

--Be grateful.  Practice gratitude daily, don't focus on what you don't have, focus on what you do have, not on what you lack but on what you offer.  

--Rather than desire what others have, or envy it, turn that around and be inspired by them.  How can you be inspired by their gifts, life, and example?

--Love Yourself even More!  In order to love others and be happy for others, you have to love yourself first.  Love all over yourself and celebrate YOU.

--Be true to yourself, be honest with who you are, and remove the distractions of others and get in touch with you, and what you desire. 

--Always remember what other people think is none of your business.  Don't get caught up in drama, gossip, and things that bring you down.

--Surround yourself with people who build you up and make you feel good.  Love your tribe.  

--Have clarity and purpose around what it is you want more of and what it is you want less of.  Only you can answer this and know the truth.  Live it.  

--Be Kind.  Recognize Others.  Send Thank You Notes.  Send Thinking of You Notes.  Have Mentors.  Be a Mentor.  Stick Up for Others, champion others.  

Pam Guyer