I’d Like to Thank the Academy!

Those famous words that are said year to year, that have endured changes in style, trends, pop culture, and generations of celebrities.  The Academy bridges our history in Hollywood and our present moment—we walk the red carpet for generations and feeling the glamor and prestige of this event that celebrates our times, our stories, our people.  The Oscars are the Super Bowl for the movie industry and those of us that enjoy Hollywood, celebrity life, entertainment & fashion—while I am not a pop culture junkie, I have an appreciation for it and I especially love the heartfelt moments and humor when it comes to the Oscars.

Viola was beautiful.   We love the dresses, the pretty, the beautiful and the ones we question.  

While her dress is stunning and she is beautiful in this photo, it was her inner beauty, depth, grace, poise, authenticity, and heartfelt speech that made her stand out.  While the dresses are fun and fashionable and the scene creates a “who’s who” in celebrity, fashion and fame, it truly is the messages, the speeches, the depth, the heart that speaks to my ear.  

Grace has a beauty of its own.  Feelings are very on trend, classic and never go out of style—yet we focus all too much on the outside, the dress, the hair, the baubles, the shoes, fun, yes, unforgettable feeling, no, no way.    

Feelings are all too forgotten and underrated in Hollywood and in our everyday lives.   Someday perhaps we will pay more attention to what is on the inside rather than what is on the outside (and this is coming from the girl that loves beauty, pretty things, and all things stylish).  

At the end of the day, we are people.  People for People.   When you have a good heart, do good work, speak truth, speak life into others, do your best (what ever that means for you), you can rest assured you are the Oscar winner in your own screen play.  

You have the leading role in your life.  The best thing you can do is be true to yourself, be authentic, be a better version of yourself and be good to others (and yourself).  The lights do go out and the audience does go home, but you are and will always be there, on and off stage.  Dress for the occasion, but make sure your insides match your outsides.  Make it a good show, life is not a dress rehearsal.  

Viola was only one example of grace, beauty, heart, truth—let her and others inspire you to do the same.  In a gown or in yoga pants, be the star in your own performance.

Pam Guyer