Follow Your Gut

Your Gut.  Your Intuition.  Your Inner Wisdom.  Your Heart.  Your Soul.

This is the voice you need to listen to, it is the compass from which to follow.

For decades, we can get tripped up by Society, and what is going on all around us.  Suzie gets a new pair of shoes, or gets a job, or is going to a particular school, or vacations at a place…..   Sally all of a sudden, wants what Suzie has, or wants to create a better version, or her own unique experience, not necessarily because she is following her heart, because she is following Suzie’s lead, this my friends is Society and selling ourselves short of showing up as who we really are.  So not good and a big problem in our world today!  

Here are some ways for you to follow your gut, rather than be distracted by those around you:

—Get quiet every day.  Find peace and serenity and just sit still.

—Stop comparing yourself and your journey to others 

—Listen to the inner voice, whisper and be open enough to hear the messages.

—Don’t put boundaries on what is possible.  Your greatest aspirations are not the norm, they are bigger than you

—Be Open, Be Brave, Be Bold, you are going to have to go in rather than look outside of you.  Have the courage to do that.

—Simplify Your Life, you can’t get clear on things when clutter in your home, head or heart weight you down.

—Don’t compare yourself to others

—Surround Yourself with Positive People 

—Be genuinely happy for others.  What others do or achieve has nothing to do with you or your path.  Choose to be inspired by it.

—Peel off the Layers (yoga is the best way to do this) but if that is not for you, go to therapy or talk to someone to let go of things

—Journal, writing things down helps to define your words and path, draw, journal and create your ideas that exist in your heart

—Be brave enough to remove the people, things or activities that are not feeling right or fulfilling within.  Let it go.

Your gut is your best friend, it knows what is best for you, and will be there when you are ready and willing to listen.  That bitch knows what is best for you, just listen, and trust it and take action on it.

Now you just have to have the guts to listen to your gut!  XO

Pam Guyer