Laugh Lines

Mid life and what it presents can be a challenge, an opportunity or both.   

This is a time in your life where you really begin to get the importance of “it does not matter what other people think” and also to be yourself, and follow your own path, not the path of others.  It is also when you realize that hustle is important, but peace and joy are more important.   It is a time for some of us that are able to take a deep breathe and say “what the heck just happened”.  Meaning, life just went by so fast, yes we accomplished some things, yes, we had great memories, but when do things shift from “doing doing dong” to “being being being”?    It is up to us to determine that.  It is up to us to be bold enough, brave enough and wise enough to really understand it is not about what you achieve, it is about the joy you experience and the peace in your heart.   It really is about the small things.  

All of a sudden, you look up and see your laugh lines.

You criticize yourself at first (because we women are pretty damn good at that), and then you catch yourself, and you say, okay, this is me, and this is mid life, and these are my laugh lines.  This face has seen a lot over the years: birth, death, many homes bought, many homes sold, starting of businesses, ending of businesses, friendships gained, friendships lost, dreams imagined, dreams achieved, building big, deciding on small and less might actually be better.   Emotions of joy, pain, sadness, happiness, love, anger, peace and angst.  Many good days but some bad days, and a roller coaster ride that has gone fast, has not stopped and has gone up and down and around.  In all of it, the laugh lines were there as was the laughter.  In any moment, humor and the simplicity of laughter can really just bring us back to our true joy.  They say laughter is the best medicine and I could not agree more.  

Laugh More.

Love More.

Time is going to pass anyways, and before you know it you have your laugh lines, and the years of laughter and love show up.  Embrace the beauty in it, and most importantly, embrace the moment, be mindful of the time and try and embrace more “being” than “doing”.  If you have worked hard your entire life, perhaps it’s time to shift and not only work hard, but be present.  Peace is in the presence, it is the shift from doing to being.  It is making the choice between the Award or the Reward—the award is the title, recognition, level, accomplished tasks, and spiritually, it is the Ego.   The Reward is the empowerment and confidence that comes with being you, it leads to: contentment, present moment, character, and feelings of joy, peace & clarity.  Spiritually, it is the soul—the Soul is the invitation to true happiness, joy and laugh lines that match your destiny.  

Laugh. Live. Love.  XO

Pam Guyer