I Hope You Dance!

When I was a little girl, I loved all things girl.  I loved holidays, dresses, the way my mom curled my hair--I loved wearing my jewelry & accessories.  

I especially loved when I was dressed in matching outfits with my big sisters. I am certain they didn't like that, but I sure did.  

Being the girly girl that I was, I loved to dance, to twirl around, and I so badly wanted to be a dancer (second of course to singing on stage).  

With five kids, and my dad not able to work because of his heart condition, taking dance lessons or being in a dance program was just not an option for us financially.   I remember my babysitter was a dancer.  I loved seeing her in her costumes and I thought when I got bigger, maybe I would do the same.  My next door neighbor, closer in age to me was also a dancer.   It was such a treat when she would take all of her costumes to my house, and we would dress up in my back yard.  I loved the costumes, the shimmer, the bright colors, and I got to pretend to be a dancer, and twirl, and leap, and shine in my costume.  It was a moment to dream and let my heart dance with possibility.  It was a chance to believe what was possible.

While I never was a dancer, it is amazing how what we visualize and dream about can happen even years later and as we expected.  My daughter is a dancer, and while I love seeing this, it is her passion for dance that makes my heart dance today.  From the time she was 3, she twirled and swirled.  It was not until she was in second grade, that we saw how much she loved dance.  At her dance recital, she lit up the stage which lit up my heart.  A year later she would make the competitive dance team at her dance studio.  It is a big commitment both financially and time.  Fortunately, we were able to do this, and have been able to offer her this without challenge.  My daughter has no idea.  To her, it is normal to just sign up, take dance, wear costumes, go on trips for dance, and to participate in every way.  I love that she can do this, and it fills my heart that it is an option for her.   On occasion, I do remind Kaili that it is a privilege and that not every girl can afford to take dance lessons or be on a dance team.  I share my story with her, how I so badly wanted to, and living in a big family on a very small income, it was not an option.   While she has most everything she wants, she values it, and shows her appreciation.    We have talked about the possibility of Kaili volunteering her time at a preschool for financially challenged kids, she will teach dance.  

As parents, it is our dream to see our kids have more opportunities than we did.  We always want to do better, yet see the solid values continue on in each generation.  While I did not have my moment as a dancer, in some ways I did.  The little girl in the borrowed costume had no idea that she would create a life that would provide opportunities for her girl, and that her girl would embrace lessons from her mom on appreciating the opportunity to dance and have the resources and support in doing so.   I hope you dance.  In your backyard, in your kitchen, at your studio or on stage.  It really doesn't matter where, what matters is that you go with the flow and believe you are just where you are suppose to be.   

Pam Guyer