Dancing in the Rain!

Defining Mom Moments….

My mother was my biggest cheerleader and there were times she was my coach and catalyst. The day before my wedding, I cried to my mom (and cussed and pouted) as I had planned a beautiful outdoor reception and the weather forecast was 100% chance of pouring rain.

My pity party lasted for five minutes until my mom did what she did best, snapped me out of it and pushed me to rise to the occasion and SHOW UP. "Pamela, you will dictate the day.  If you show up upset, your guests will feel the same. If you show up with a great attitude, then your guests will too. It is up to you and you need to get over it and enjoy your day, regardless of the weather."

It was a record rainfall day in Boston, to this day, none of us had seen so much rain.

It was not the day I planned, but it was a day of great celebration.  I embraced it with abandon (because of my mom's pep talk) with a smile on my face, and a conviction in my heart to lead the day, and make it the best party and celebration.

We all had so much fun despite the puddles of water and muddy shoes. This is one of my favorite pictures.  Here I am dancing with the band, completely fired up, having fun, being me and dancing in rain!


Pam Guyer