Love Begins With You

February is the month of Love, and I can’t think of a better time to really explore and implement Self-Love.  For some, this may seem selfish or self absorbed and it is anything but that.  When we love ourself and practice self-love and self-care, we are better able to show up in the world, for ourselves, our family, our work, and each other.   Personally, if I don’t embrace this or if I am not mindful of it, I don’t practice it, and I don’t care for myself.  Also, at times we can be our own worst critic or give ourselves a hard time.  Boy, do I understand that because I do that at times and it is the practice of self-care and self-love that help me shift to caring for myself as opposed to beating myself up or just not paying attention to the importance of self-care.   

Here are tips and ideas you can implement right away to get your Self-Love On:
—Meditate & pray daily.  Self-love is a spiritual process, open your heart & mind to that.
—Breathe. Take time to just be.  Use the breath to calm the mind.
—Write down 10 things about yourself that rock.
—Practice gratitude, truly be grateful for the things and people in your life.
—Eat really well.  Sure cheesecake happens but feed your body with nutrient-dense food.
—Have a skin care regimen and routine, also use body oils & lotions to pamper yourself.
—Read a devotional or spiritual book daily, even if it is only one page.
—Take time for how you look & feel.  That extra few minutes can put a bounce in your step.
—Let it go (this is HARD).  Let go of other people's actions, problems & your worries.  
—Practice simplicity.   Keeping things simple brings such peace of mind.
—Surround yourself with things you love.  Pictures, art, quotes, music & people.  
—Take a bath or hot shower, it makes everything better.
—Snuggle with a pet or person, hugs truly are the best medicine.
—Laugh more.  Be silly. Be You. Don’t take yourself too seriously, enjoy more.
—Those new boots or shoes you want, go buy them for yourself.
—Be generous, give to others, your time, your money, your service (whatever you can).
—Believe in God or a Higher Power, this is incredibly healing and powerful.  
—Know your worth, you are enough and that you are never alone.  Have faith.

Love Yourself More.  In order for you to share your love, you need to give it to yourself first. 
Love is free, costs nothing, and can cost everything when we fail to embrace it ourselves.

Pam Guyer