The Curated Life

In this world of social media and lifestyle brands, we have moved away from authenticity to the Curated Brand.  As I look to relaunch the Lifestyle Living HIPP, I am keenly aware that social media is the highlight reel, and as I share I am reminded that there is always the behind the scenes story.   I love capturing pictures during my day, it might be following yoga with a green juice in hand or a fun shot of my boots and a latte or coffee in hand, and certainly they are all seasonal shots.  What they most definitely are, are moments in time where I am feeling HIPP, and I am expressing gratitude for the moment and hoping it inspires and influences readers and seekers to find their own HIPP moments and to capture those Kodak moments with confidence and ease.   There are the behind the scenes moments that don't always make FB, the times I feel a mess, the times I don't make it to yoga or have been eating sweets and carbs all. day. long.   This is real, this is life, and so many of us do it.   What I have come to realize about "my HIPP life" is that this brand and the daily practice are "tracks to run on."  It is a simple daily practice of being self aware and being dedicated to self-care and to grow as a person (yet to accept yourself where you are)--some days you live it and some days you don't.   

By all accounts I am middle age, and while my audience or tribe is mostly moms and perhaps middle aged women, I too am the voice for the younger moms or women, as wisdom and life experience are truly a gift I can share with others.   I am always cognizant of the fact that I am sharing so much personally on this HIPP journey which is interesting because I am a private person yet I do love to share, inspire, teach, and entertain others or at least push them to be more.   As I get ready to relaunch this brand and share the gorgeous pictures from my photo shoot which was so much fun.  Truth be told, I love pictures. I love to tell a story, and I really love my story--I truly have taken every life stage, been challenged, been inspired to create more, and have naturally (and oh so awkwardly at times) blended vulnerability with vitality.  So please know this is not a showcase of look at me, look at my perfect life…  Oh no no my dear.  It is look at me!  I am you, you are me.  We got this, we got this thing called life.  I fall down, I make mistakes, I am messy, I get sad, mad, and doubt myself at times, but also, I am a winner, I get back up, I fight. I fight for me, for my family and for you, we got this thing called life together.  Messy. Beautiful.  Scary. Wonderful. Hurtful.  Loving. Challenging. Magical. Overwhelming.  We have it all, when we face it with gratitude and an attitude (a positive one) each day!   So, as I share my heart, my spirit, my positive energy, know that I also have wounds, I have hurt, I have been put down, I have put myself down, but no matter what, I always get back up.  I get in the game, and I play for you, for me, and for us. This post is a disclaimer (said with humor).  It is not all fancy shots, makeup, lights, and camera.  It is also behind the scenes moments, fear and doubt that dance around my winning heart and attitude and positive spirit.    Let's dance through this together and create more Kodak moments.  The Curated Life is both in front of and behind the camera, all experiences matter, authenticity is how we relate, and know that my scenes from day to day are beautiful, messy, heartfelt, fun, challenging, scary, and real.  Just like you….

Pam Guyer