Letting Go….  

When it comes to People & Situations. 

I have had a few experiences in the past few years that have been hard for me to fully let go of.  Sound familiar?

While I can’t get into the details as it involves others, what I can say is that stuff happens in our life, and some things do happen to us, and how we manage it is either the burden or lesson.  I have experienced both.  It is a process.  It is really hard to let go sometimes, and this is a life lesson that we experience over and over again.  Faith truly can help out & heal in these moments.

Yoga has been transformational in my life and it continues to help me in my journey.  I find when I am not there, many things that have bothered me will bubble up, and when we don’t resolve issues, they will cling on, and show up at some point in time.  Resentment can transpire and this is not good for anyone, certainly not for the soul.  I choose joy.  In my journey of Living HIPP, I push myself to get past obstacles and be at peace.  Sometimes I can do this with grace, and other times it can be a struggle.  Letting go is really hard sometimes, and I am learning that in some situations it is a process.  Much like grieving, it is a process, and there are stages that we need to go through at times.  I recently had a situation that I realized (finally) that I needed to forgive in order to let go.  Forgiveness is a spiritual gift you give to others but most importantly, you give it to yourself.

It is really hard when someone has “wronged” you, or done something damaging.  It requires you to be the bigger person, it requires you to step forward in faith, humility, vulnerability and grace.  I have been on both sides of this, I have had to forgive and I have needed to be forgiven.  And in both situations, I have had to also let go of the results of that, and just be okay, and to just believe that I have done all that I can, and the rest is out of my control.  

So how do you let go?  It is really hard, but here are some things I have done, which I think are important actions for us to take, and I have had to revisit them over and over again, until one day, you are just lighter, at peace and willing to truly let go.

1. Surrender:  Realize you are no longer in control, hand it over to God, the Universe, and be willing to be open to it’s own journey.  Release it all...

2. Let It Out:  Communicate, write, speak, and do what ever you can to get your thoughts out of your head, we harbor anger and then that turns to resentment and that is not good for anyone.  Let it out.

3. Pray:  Pray for guidance.  Pray for the ability to let go.  Pray for compassion, wisdom and patience, pray for those you are challenged with.

4. Do Good:  Sometimes we need to shift our thoughts from judging to being, you can’t change others but what you can do is change yourself.  Be the person you want to see in the world.

5. Practice Gratitude:  When you practice gratitude each day, it allows you the opportunity to focus on what is important and what is good.

6. Think Positive:  This can be a challenge when it comes to this topic, but this truly can shift it all.  When we change our energy, we change our world.

7. Compassion:  Have compassion for those that have harmed you.  Hurt people hurt.  This is really hard, but when we realize we are all humans, and we all make mistakes, we are able to move past the challenges and look at them as opportunity for growth.  Be the bigger person.

8. Communicate:  Have a conversation or exchange with the person and attempt to resolve any conflict.  Apologize for your part in it.  

9. Forgive:  The shift in really letting go is forgiveness.  This is as much more for you than for the person who did something wrong.

10. Move Forward:  Looking ahead and moving forward is important to healing and moving past hurts or conflicts.  This requires you to be the bigger person, be that person, pick yourself up, and step forward with grace and love.  Take action, action conquers fear or hurt. 

As I watch my kids in high school learning subjects that they will never need to use in life, it is incredibly disappointing that we don’t teach kids and young adults more on these important life lessons that they will need to learn, understand and apply throughout their life.  This is a lesson I continue to learn and develop even through mid life.  

Who do you need to forgive? What do you need to let go of, lay down and put to rest?  Perhaps now is a good time to do so, so that you can move forward with your HIPP life.  


Pam Guyer