Cupcakes or Kale

It’s Either Cupcakes or Kale


While I would love to call myself this health warrior that just does yoga, drinks green juice and meditates on a dime, that would not be sharing the whole truth.

I love my healthy practice of those things, and I try to stay on track as much as possible. But...  sometimes cake happens. Cupcakes can be the name for ice-cream, pizza, chips, muffins, etc...   Why does it feel so good sometimes to just indulge, to find a quiet moment in time where it is just me, and I am diving in deep into sugar, carb, and salty heaven.  Or is it hell?  

I know….  I know…..  Everything in moderation….

Some wow me with this sense of moderation in everything.  I am not a moderation kind of girl.  I have to be keenly aware of this and in the right mental space to live this way.  Life gets overwhelming, and when I get too busy or tired or hungry or whatever, all of these hacks go right out the door.  

Maybe it is really good to go off track?  Not sure if that is true, but there is a saying in life “eat the cake”!  

I buck perfection.  I love when I am in a mindful space, feeling healthy, whole, doing yoga & drinking my greens.  I really do feel incredibly happy, empowered, light and free.  But there is this “junkie” side to me, and she has a voice too!  

Maybe you are the person that does not even think of these things, and cannot relate.  This post is probably not for you.

However, maybe you experience these extremes and know this story all too well.  I find humor in it, but also when you have been on a carb and/or sugar binge, it feels gross and your body screams, "get me off of this!!"

I find the more I practice mindfulness the better I manage this craziness in my head.  The more sleep I get and when I am balanced (not busy), it allows me to schedule in the self-care practices that help me stay on course and on kale.  

As I grow, I become more of a truth teller.   Living HIPP is a lifestyle brand, not for the health fanatics necessarily, it is for those of us that struggle with the juggle, that love cupcakes and kale and that desire to create balance when possible.  

Hale to the Kale, but let us not forget to eat cake!


Pam Guyer
The Small Things are the Big Things!

After getting through such a busy season and celebrations, I must admit, it took me off track.  As women and moms, I believe so many of us do that, we get out of balance, and our desire is to get back to balance, I will be writing more on this topic as I build this back into my life real time.  In the meantime, I have been practicing small things.   Rather than rush through the day, overwhelmed and beating myself up for what I did not get done because I got so much done these past few months, I am getting my self back to my daily routine, slowly but surely as they say….

The daily practice for me right now is in the small things.  Doing little things that not only bring me joy but are good for me.  During this season of blooms, fresh cut flowers (and in our home celebratory flowers for so many events), I am placing fresh flowers in spaces that could use some freshening up.   The Kitchen window sill, I have written a blog post about before.  It is the place where we stand, we think about the monotony of the day, or the things we have to do, and if we are lucky enough or mindful, how blessed we are to have this moment, this time, this space where thoughts or gratitude swirl, as we clean up our kitchen after each meal.   The window sill (especially in New England), has 4 Seasons, 4 extraordinary views that quite honestly I take for granted many days.  The days that I train my brain to be present, to be mindful and enjoy the scenery around me are the days I feel so grateful and blessed.    Today is one of those days.  Enjoying the beauty out my window.  Enjoying the fresh cut flower, so simple, so pretty.  Enjoying having the ability to do these things, have a flexible schedule and also a perspective on life (at least at this very moment).  

Today is one of those days….
Adding a simple white flower, to my simple white kitchen brings me joy.  It makes me happy (even if I feel some other feelings too).  It is a reminder to appreciate the small things, for the really are the big things.

What do you do in your daily life that brings you joy?  What are the small things, that really are the big things for you?

Here are some of the small things in my life, that really are the big things.   It is my hope that this inspires you to implement more of the small things, with a grateful heart, and appreciate all you are blessed with, both big & small.  Some days we just need baby steps, and these small things help us to choose joy!   XO

—Fresh cut flowers
—Walk in Nature (beach, lake, park, woods) 
—A hug from one of your kids
—A love note to your spouse or kids
—Cold water with a fresh slice of lemon
—A conversation with a friend
—Lunch with a friend
—5 minutes of uninterrupted time outdoors, close your eyes and be present in the moment
—treat yourself to a nice healthy lunch
—Capture a picture of something you find beautiful for inspiration
—Make a list of the top 10 things you are grateful for
—5 minutes of cardio to get the endorphins pumping
—do some yoga poses, this can center you

These are just a few things to motivate you and get you into a mindful place.  I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed, I know what it is like to have negative thoughts and feel stuck.  Life is too short to accept that way of life.  Find joy in the small things, for they really are the big things!


Pam Guyer
Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?
unnamed (2).jpg

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  Perhaps like me, you are both!

I find it interesting that most people see me as an extrovert, and I get it, I have a large personality at times and am outgoing. 

Professionally, I have been known to be this way be it speaking, or facilitating a meeting or event, and personally, I have been known to be the life of the party (for better or for worse).   I am no longer the life of the party, took me a while, but I learned that is not who I want to be.  I would much rather be engaged with others, and having a meaningful conversation or belly laughs as opposed to small talk and demonstrating how fun I can be (alright, I’m fun, I will always insist on having fun, but now more than ever that fun needs to be authentic and real).   I share this with you because maybe you relate to this, or maybe this will help you to understand others better.  

Those that know me well, know both sides of me.  I stumbled upon this topic because I am feeling the major burden of being an introvert as well, which I love to be an introvert, but when our social calendar and celebration calendar is full (and we have a lot going on), it takes its toll. 

My extrovert persona loves to show up when I am well rested, feeling good, and know I can re-coop after a night out or social event or day.  As of late, it has been one celebration, event or occasion right after the other, in addition to working on home projects, business and family obligations, I am on overload.   The girl that loves to teach Living HIPP, feeling well in body, mind & spirit is tired, over did it (yup, I kind of can do that at times) and needs to honor my introvert self, the person that needs to rest, reflect, be alone, have silence and include serenity in my day.  

In these weeks leading up to end of school year, dance season and graduation and birthday events (and proms), it has been just too much.

I love all of these things, and I am grateful to have participated but will admit, I am glad it is all over.  I need a little “me” time, I need to get grounded, get back to my schedule and do the daily self-care and living Hipp practices that make me feel whole, make me feel grounded, and allow me to feel balanced.  

So how about you, are you an introvert, extrovert or both?

Do you take time to rest, reflect, replenish, rejuvenate? 

Do you get your energy from being around people or to you recharge with some down time?  

What do you do for self-care, how do you stay grounded?  

I am married to an extrovert, so it makes things even more of a challenge.  I cherish our friendships, I just can’t and have no desire to go be and do things socially all of the time.  While he gets pumped up by that, I become drained.   

The extrovert life is a lot more attractive and sometimes easier, it is more socially accepted and there is nothing like raising the vibe in the room.  But the introvert life is where the magic truly happens.  It is where we take a moment, we pause, we breathe and we reflect on what really matters, and how we want to spend our time and we let go of our need to be everything to everyone—we just learn to be.

How can you let go and just be?

Are you really spending your time and energy on the things and people that matter? 

Has social media changed your “view” on how your social life is suppose to look?

Are the moments and the things you see (a flower, the ocean, the lake, the green grass) just as inspiring and fulfilling in your day?

Introverts and extroverts and those of us that are both, need to be aware, aware of who we are and what gives us energy and what drains us.  We also need to be forgiving of others that don’t accept every invite and/or need some time and space to care for themselves, you just never know what is going on—we just never know the healing that needs to take place for others in their seasons of life.  

Now that my busy season is almost behind me, self care will be the main theme, and I am inviting both my introverted and extroverted self to the party—there is a seat for everyone!  XO

Pam Guyer

Celebrating 20 years of Marriage, it was 20 years ago we said “I do”. 

Two decades ago, it was about the wedding—which was suppose to be a Garden Reception under a tent, it ended up being a record rainfall day in Boston, a monsoon, and we had to show up with our party hats on, and rally.   Little did we know on that day, that we would bring our daughter home from the hospital on our first wedding anniversary exactly one year later, and within the next 3 years, her brothers would join our family.  

It’s all been a blur….

Babies, houses, businesses, jobs, we have renovated, moved, and sold houses ourselves several times…

Launching businesses, building them into successful platforms to support our family has been hard work.

Making our family the priority, and our homes a place that we love and feel comfortable and “at home” in.

The past few years have been our most difficult, but we have each other to lean on.  

Here is a video clip of that day, when it poured and we danced under the tent anyways.  
They say when it rains on your wedding day, it is luck and you will be blessed with children.
We have been so blessed, while it was not the day I wanted (rain rain go away), it is the life I dreamed of!  



Pam Guyer
Milestones & Meltdowns

My oldest child and only daughter graduated high school this weekend, it was the most amazing graduation ceremony I have been to.  One hour, incredible speakers, laughs, music, pomp and circumstance—the weather even agreed with us.   As a Mom, I am beyond proud of her, her classmates, our community and the woman she has become.  As a sentimental and highly sensitive person, I am going back and forth between wanting to dull out the emotions and be present at the time, the time such as this.   Planning her party and doing home renovations in preparation has put me over the edge (although on the outside I am appearing all sorts of normal, on the inside I am exhausted, overwhelmed and wiped out).  I swear all the work leading up to this event is in part my way of dealing with the emotions deep inside, because if I go too deep, I am not sure I can handle the tenderness in my heart—the reality of the end of this era and that one day she will really be moving on.  Of course, I am happy, and it is time, and I know the best is yet to come for her, and I love that, celebrate that and cheer her on. 

But wait….

I am left behind.  My heart will be going out into that world and that little girl that has been by my side, under my thumb, foot and roof, is walking out that door and opening new doors of opportunity, life stages and next chapters.  Gulp.

So I eat.  Cupcakes for a day.  Even donuts….    I should be at yoga, but I am so beyond the spiral of emotions that I am just eating my way through this.  I will get back on track this week, but for now, I dance with the meltdown that is not obvious on the outside, but it stirs inside of me, and my body is begging me to get back to self-care, Living HIPP and all good things found in the daily routine.  Admittedly it feels good to go off track, it is the rebel in me, the person that wants to escape, unplug, be off, tune out, re-group.  Let's be real, many of us do this.  It’s either Cupcakes or Kale, and that will be another blog post in the future.

My baby girl….  You have been my most important work, you and your brothers are my world.  

I can’t help but think of all the Moms that do this, all of the generations before me, how brave it really is to be a Mom and begin to let go.

Aside from my sentimental heart, there is all sorts of humor too.  I am so ready for the grad festivities to be over, and glad my party is behind me.  The festival of Kaili will continue with her birthday in June, and of course, this last summer home before she goes off to college.  It is bittersweet and I am going to do my best to be present, to embrace the moments, and enjoy this important time in our lives.  


I am nostalgic, always have been, always will be. I don’t like goodbyes.  On my own graduation day, I had a lump in my throat.  I was happy to graduate but sad it was ending. I believe the best is yet to come, and that brings me joy. This milestone is a big reminder of how precious time is, and how it is so important that we focus on how we use it.  It is fleeting, and no matter what, it will keep moving, and it is up to us how we choose to spend it.  


It is a rainy Monday morning after graduation.  I’m tired, this happy moment has taken a toll on me because I allowed myself to go overboard on a few things.  Oh, that challenge of simplifying vs. going all in.  I went all in.  The Milestones typically bring on the meltdown, my meltdown is not obvious, it’s a silence in me, a reminder of the importance of self-care, and my daily practices which my body, mind, and spirit crave.  It is time to get back to my routine, back to yoga, and back to Kale.   The painters are here to paint the kitchen cabinets (which could not get done before the party), she just asked if I had my favorite essential oil I wanted added to the paint.  Yes, I do!  It took me 15 minutes to find my lavender, which I use daily, except for when I spiral, and get into Lucille Ball mode, and let the self-care go sideways, and treat daily life like a game of survivor because I am trying to achieve months of work into weeks and days.  Where the ______ is my lavender.  It was a signpost for me that it is time for my daily rituals, my living Hipp and to build that back into my day.  



Hello Monday.
Hello Milestone.
Hello Meltdown.

Proud of my girl.  Thinking of my Mom.  My Mother in Law, and how proud they would be.

The feelings.  The loss.  The knowing they were not here physically.  It is all erupting, it is there, it is real.

Much like life, we step forward, we rise, we carry on.  

How did I raise this wonderful young lady?  I did not do it alone.  It was my husband, my family, our parents, and the incredible people in our life and in her life.  We did it!!!!! 

Kaili Georgie, the best is yet to come.  I could not be more proud of who you are, and I know that you are going to make big things happen, and hopefully realize it is not always the big things, but the small things you do each day to make your life better, and those around you.

This milestone is just one of many on your path.  Continue to blaze that trail, and embrace it all!  XO

Pam Guyer
Congratulations Kaili

It has been an honor to raise this girl from newborn to grown woman.  Congratulations to my daughter Kaili on her High School Graduation.

My hats off to all the Moms that have done this, and to those that will.  My heart is dancing and full—I am so grateful to be her Mom!

Pam Guyer
A Real Life Fairytale
unnamed (1).jpg

A Fairy Tale Indeed!

Dreams do come true when you believe…

You either watched the royal wedding as did I with hope, excitement, love, and wonder as history was made, and for every little girl (or boy) out there to believe that anything is possible.  It is.
A few people were surprised that I would make the effort to get up early to watch the wedding of Harry & Meghan, and some people don’t get the draw.  I understand it; it’s not your thing.  It is no different than a sporting event, in fact, that evening, after my daughter’s dance recital, we went out to dinner with our guests, and we had to be seated by a television to watch the Celtics game, as they are in the playoffs.  We are all drawn to something; it is not right or wrong, it is just based on our interests, our values, our depth and desires and what we find entertaining or of interest.  

I was interested in the Royal Wedding for many reasons, partly pure entertainment, but also much more profound meaning:

Dreams do Come True!

I love the fact that Meghan is an American and the photo of her in front of Buckingham Palace while visiting London as a teenager (tourist) is just an incredible example of how anything is possible.  She went from looking at the walls of Buckingham Palace as an outsider to marrying a Prince and becoming a Princess (Duchess) and member of the Royal Family.  Anything is Possible!


Lady Diana Then!

In the early 80’s I can remember watching Lady Diana marry Prince Charles—it was a wedding many of us will never forget.  It was a Fairy Tale, the pomp, the circumstance, the long train, and the love the British people had for the Royal Family, the traditions, the protocol, the sweet & innocent girl walking into a new life with such hope and promise.

The demise of rules, royalty and the truth behind the walls of the palace.  We would later learn that Dianna would buck Buckingham Palace, and would face her demons & challenges and that of the Royal Family.   Love, Warmth, Kindness, Vulnerability & Courage surrounded the walls of the Palace & beyond.  Topics such as Aids, Race, Disease, Depression & Eating Disorders were topics that were unearthed in conversation, challenge and most importantly, a light was put on them.  Love radiated the issues and people she touched; she became the Princess of the People.  A new day for the Monarchy, even though the Monarchy resisted.  

Lady Diana Now!

To watch her sons grow up without her is bittersweet for us all.  They are remarkable young men that have faced a burden that no child should suffer, and have done so with strength, honor, faith, and bravery.  Seeing her baby boy grow up and get married touches our hearts, they are and will always be her boys.  They are and will always be her voice, her love, her determination, her open-mindedness, her architect of change, her heartbeat.  It is one of the stories of our lives, to see a joyful occasion and her legacy lives on is heartwarming, and truly what life is all about.  It is the Princess in all of us. 

Love over Race!

To see a strong bi-racial woman step into the Royal family unites us all.  It was a historical event, one which helps us in our fight against discrimination, hate, racism and the old ways of this world that still exist.  Watching her African American mother, proud moments, signs of change, a welcome breath of diversity and inclusion.  It is about love; it is about unity, it is about the rise of equality, it is about moving the needle and modernizing the Monarchy through acceptance and change.  


For the love of love.  The love of a story of two people.  The love of royalty.  The love of fashion.  The love of English Tradition.  The love of it all!

Pam Guyer
Moms - The Guilt and The Glory

Moms, the Guilt & the Glory!

Mother’s Guilt…..  it is something we all know, working moms especially but all moms experience it, we are never doing enough, and the guilt resides inside of us, because lets face it, when they are little, we don’t want to sit on the floor and play all day, or get our hands in play—dough, at least this Mom did not (and the Moms that made the homemade play dough just made us feel worst).  Keep reading if you can relate…

As a Mom Boss, I can assure you I have felt Mother’s Guilt for many years.  I would tell a story about being a “work at home & stay at home mom,” and that is the reason I built a business from home, but the truth was, I was on my computer & in my home office a lot.  I was not present at times, and that became my challenge, opportunity & focus in most recent years.  I felt guilty because I would rather be on my phone, than on the floor reading Brown Bear for the 50th time.   I had to play mind games with myself, and make myself be present and in those moments-- I enjoyed it all, the kids, the business, the flexibility that I had, but it was far from perfect, it was the art of imperfection.  The guilt was always deep inside because I felt like I could never do enough or be enough for these three little people that owned my heart more than anything or anyone in the world.  Mom guilt is real.  

Over the years, while being a Momboss, I have enjoyed flexibility in a big way.  For the most part, I have been able to design my life, and plan my work around my family, I am so very grateful for this, and it shaped who I am today.  

Let's be real though.  To be successful, and grow my business, I had to sacrifice, I had to work hard, and while I loved it, it did pull on my time with my family, and my ability to be genuinely present in my life.  Balance is an interesting theme, one in which I struggle with, and one in which I try and master now in my life.  You reach a point in mid-life that you do prioritize what is most important, and what is not.  The Ying & Yang of life, the Ying & Yang of being a Mom, which in my opinion is double the challenge on your heart, emotions, thoughts, & time.  

As a top leader in my business, I had to work hard to achieve that spot, to earn the income I was able to, and to teach many others to do the same.   I would not change any of it for the world because if I compared what I did to what I would need to do if I worked full time for a company outside of my home, it was a blessing & gift to be home, have flexibility and be able to be in & out of my kids daily lives.    While I was able to be there for so much, I also missed things too.   Birthdays, big games, performances, school events—you name it, I have missed it as I needed to be on a work trip and or an event.  Moms guilt weighs on us, but we need to remember that this is part of it all, we do need to miss some things, but we don’t need to miss everything!   There are seasons in our lives; I have had many seasons in which I sacrificed, made the difficult choice to travel or work, and not be at home.  Likewise, at this point in my life, I am making choices that honor the moments that matter most, as I am reminded we do not get these back.

Most recently, I was faced with yet another schedule conflict, something I know so well after being a Mom Boss for over 16 years.   When they were little it was easier, Cameron had no idea I missed his 2nd Birthday for a work trip, we just celebrated another day.  My heart ached but he was none the wiser, cake and ice-cream made for a grand celebration, even thou it was four days after his actual birthday.   Taking red eyes home to make it for some of Kaili’s dance competitions, although I was tired, I warrior-ed on & was there, be it late & exhausted!  It is part of the gig, part of being a momboss or working mom. Our love for our kids is most important, but it does not mean we love them less when we are not there for the more significant moments.  We can’t possibly do it all, but we can try and give ourselves and each other grace.   We are all doing our best, whatever that means to us personally.  

This month was Cam’s Junior prom, my three babies are all teenagers, and I only have a handful (just a few years) to have these moments, these milestones, these times that mean more to me than anything.   I had an important work conference, one in which I wanted to be at, and also needed to be at.   I had to coach myself and treat myself like I would another Mom on my team.  I would ask myself the question I would ask another woman:  “What is going to matter most ten years from now”?  The answer was clear but challenging, I only get one Junior Prom with Cameron, and I choose Cameron this time because years ago I didn't. I started this business so I could put my family first.   I chose to fly to the event to see my team and make an effort to be there in some way—it was a quick trip but made me feel more connected.  I flew home to see my Cameron off to prom, to be there for my middle son, the one that seems to go under the radar but deserves to be under a spotlight.  It was his moment, and I was there.   Now, if you are reading this and you were on a trip during prom for one of your kids, there is no guilt, no judgment because I have missed big events (and a few years ago missed Kaili going to a formal dance because of a work trip).  We do the best we can when we can—remember the seasons in life.  

Let's celebrate the moments we can be there, and forgive ourselves and have more grace when we can’t.  

This was one of those moments that I needed as a Mom.   At the end of my life, it is not about a business trip, title or what I accomplished, I want to be known for inspiring others, and most importantly, being a loving Mom.  We can’t be there for everything, but when we have the freedom to make that choice and be there when we can, that is everything.  And for that, I am grateful! 

Pam Guyer
In the Blink of an Eye

In the Blink of an Eye!

I was warned, I was told, I was taught that it flies right by, and “in the blink of an eye,” they will be graduating high school and on to that next chapter.  

My oldest, my only daughter, my sweet girl, my Kaili has her last day of school as a Senior today.  It is bittersweet; it is a happy day, it is emotional (for me), it is unreal that we are here, how did this happen, am I ready?  I know she is prepared, but I am not sure that I am!  Gulp.

This little girl, this girl right here, has brought us such joy.  She has been and continues to be a delight to parent.  

Happy, kind, sweet, funny, grounded, fierce, loyal, smart and compassionate are just a few words that describe my little girl.
Does she have her moments, yes, she sure does, but as I have said for years that when that happens, it is well deserved. We all have our moments.  Otherwise, she is positive; she is sincere, she is fun.   I would have wanted more daughters but God gave me only one, and now, I would not change that for the world, because she is amazing, she is my girl, she is my light, my love, she is my Kaili.  

Any Mom knows this feeling. My heart is full; my heart is out there in the world, my heart is made of this girl and her brothers.  You can’t even explain it, but it is a love like no other.  I am no different from any other Mom, the fact is, we all feel it.  It is pure love.  The love of a Mother is so incredibly strong that it is endless.  I wish my Mom were here; I wish she could see this day; the upcoming graduation and moving into college. She has always called Kaili her sweet girl and has been in awe of her kindness and her heart.  My mother in law was particularly close to Kaili, her first grandchild, and she helped me to take care of Kaili as I navigated being a part-time working mom. She relished in having “her baby” at home with her on those days I would be in the city.  I wish Peg were here to see this last day of school jus as she was at the bus stop on that first day of Kindergarten. Peg was in awe of Kaili’s beauty, the inner and outer beauty that was and is captivating and so pure, real, and radiant.  

The firsts and the lasts.  
The milestones.  
The Joy. 
The Pain. 
 The ages and stages. 

One thing that is certain is that time does pass.  Time is our most precious gift.  Time is everything.

The first day she ever got on that big yellow bus I had tears; tears of joy, fear, love, and rawness just poured down my face as I let go of her.

Today, there were no tears on her last day; there was this knowing, this feeling, this connection that she and I have.

She knows my sentimental heart, our bond, our love, and we add this to the memories of her life, our time, this time right here, right now.

In the blink of an eye, just like that! 

We will be at graduation, and then dropping off at college.

But for now, for today, I am here, I am feeling all the feels, and so proud of my girl!


Pam Guyer
Wife. Mom. Boss. Mess.

Wife. Mom. Boss. Mess.

This picture.  This you guys captures my life, my family and the truth of being a mom, being an entrepreneur and trying to “do it all”!

You know that is a myth, because behind every story, behind every pretty photo and behind it all, are messy things, be it stories, situations, daily grinds and challenges that are minute and of course big life challenges.   If you have gotten to know me or my message, it is all about not “doing it all”, in fact, I don’t believe in that (we don’t do it all without breaking a sweat or having a break down)—the truth is in the messy, in the real real, and allowing ourselves to share those truths as moms, as women and as leaders.  

I LOVE this picture because it perfectly captures the real real.  

Let me bring you back.  This photo is from a photo shoot for Living HIPP; we wanted to capture a few with me and my three kids (notice oldest son is not in the picture nor was he at the shoot because he could not miss football practice).   Can we photoshop him in?  That never happened.

We were doing some pictures in my backyard, and my youngest son Colby was throwing the ball around, dressed in his sports clothes, and would not get dressed for the photo shoot.  I remember saying, “Colby, please take a shower, you need to look handsome for me, please”!  Colby did not shower, and less than five minutes before he was on camera, he ran to his bedroom and put on his “nice clothes”!   He slid in last minute all dressed and ready to go, my daughter and I work like, "c’mon Colby, really"?

While it was the usual chaos behind the scenes, what is so great is that it captures us. Look closely, his shirt is not buttoned correctly and is a complete mess!  It makes me laugh, and laugh really hard, as I am smiling at him, and thinking “you little _____,” and not knowing that his shirt is a mess, which is the brilliant example of how things really roll in our beautiful and messy lives.  This picture is gold to me.  Why?  Because it is me.  It shows the truth of my life, the moments and details I miss as an overwhelmed (crazy) mom.  It captures my kids, the humor, the story of a girl that walks the line (big sister) and her younger brothers that jump over the line, the playing, the wrestling, getting sweaty, and challenging me.  

The look on my face here is love, it is laughter, and it is us.  This is us.  

My story is that of being a Wife, A Mom, A Boss & a passionate soul that has learned how to embrace the mess along with the simple joys of life.

There is not enough hair, makeup and lighting to cover up the truth of how we live, and when we allow that story to be told, and we find that humor, it turns a picture into a story, and this story is mine.   My girlfriend saw this pic recently and reached out laughing because she knows my boy so well, she knows me, she knows us, and we both laughed at the spirit of it, the truth in it, and how it truly captures the real real.  


Pam Guyer

Be Such a Dope Soul!

I love to look into people’s eyes to see their soul.  Are you living your soulful life?

Your done soul is YOU unapologetically!

That zest, that spirit, that inner HIPP, that is you, that is your vibe and it is what will lead you to living a heart-centered and soul filled life!

Are you following your heart?

Your heart's desire is there for a reason, it is a guide that is trying to catch your attention and help you to live your purpose, and bring out your best life.  It is the soul that whispers.  It is the soul that brings us to our purpose.

When we are truly feeling passionate, it is our connection to our soul.  Society is the enemy at times when it comes to our Soul.

Be still.  Be quiet.  Listen.  Listen.  Listen.

It will speak when you stop talking.

It will speak when you let go.

It will speak when you simplify.

It will speak when you stop comparing.

It will speak when you slow down.

It will speak when you are grounded.

It will speak when you are grateful.

It will speak when you are open.

It will speak when you stop doing and start being.

Listen Soul Sister, your Soul is so Dope—it is there, you are spirited, you just need to peel off the layers of shoulds, coulds, and others paths, to create your own.  Your soul is unique, it is just you and you have everything inside of you to not only find the path but to blaze a trail.

Let's do this.  It will be magical and oh so dope!  XO

Pam Guyer
Find Your Tribe

As I work to grow and share the lifestyle brand Living HIPP, I am keenly aware of the importance of tribes, and how they truly create the vibe.

It occurred to me that this applies to all of us, we need to be cognizant of our tribes and who we surround ourselves with.

Did you know you are a reflection of the 5 closest people you surround yourself with?

Write those 5 people down on a paper. Beside their name, write words that you would use to describe them.  Look at these words, are they positive, are they inspiring, do they make you feel good, is this someone you want to aspire to be (even in only some areas of their lives)?  

If you love the answers and this excites you.  Congrats, you are with the right tribe. If this list of names and descriptions doesn’t excite you, perhaps you need to think about what you desire more of in your life and align with the people that demonstrate what you value.

Think about this...

What are your values?
When it comes to people, what is important to you?
Are you a Dreamer?  
Do you live each day in reality and the “lot” you’ve been given, or do you have a dream in your heart?
Do you have magical moments?  You know those moments that you feel God (and the Universe) are conspiring with you?
Are you seeing the best in others? When you do, you bring out the best in you!


How about less judging and more acceptance?
How about less complaining and more complimenting?
How about look at the bright side of things rather than the darkness?
How about recognizing your strengths and not your weaknesses?
How about being braver to be you, and let your inner spirit soar?

Take time to look at your life, look at your tribe and make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who build you up!

Not everyone is going to like you, and that is okay.  They are not your people, they are not meant for you.

Find the people that lift you higher, believe in you, appreciate you, and bring you joy.

A tribe is found in the vibe.  May yours be filled with heart, soul, and kindness!  XO

Pam Guyer
Losing Our Dog

I did not grow up with dogs; I had no desire to have one as an adult.  When my husband and I got engaged, he made it clear before our wedding that a dog would be in our future and that was non-negotiable, he could not picture life without a dog.  At the time, I did not understand, but I knew it was important for him, so I agreed, yes, when we have a family someday, we will get a dog (buying myself some time).  

Life was fast & furious from the moment we said: “I do.”  We built a brand new house, had a baby on our wedding anniversary and had three kids in 3 years.  Sold house, moved, job changes for Charlie and I started a business—there was barely time to take care of our home & family, never mind a dog.  We moved again to a home with a big yard, and we were excited about this next chapter.  My business was booming, the kids were now toddlers and preschoolers, we had an au pair who loved dogs, and the two of them worked on me to get one.  They argued that Adelle (our au pair) was there to help, and it was good timing.  Charlie convinced me to look, so we drove 1 1/2 hours to “just look.”   An hour later, we left the breeder, with a puppy in my lap, who cried the whole way home because she missed her mom, my heart was breaking for her.   Adelle kept the kids up and knew we were on our way home to surprise the kids with a “Christmas Puppy” a few weeks before Christmas.  We came in the door, put her down, she walked, and they all said “what is it,” they were so confused, and within a minute they were beyond excited, the Guyers got a puppy!  We named her Brady (after our beloved Tom Brady), her full name is “Brady Christmas Guyer,” a sweet yellow lab to add to the excitement & joy that already stirred in our family home.  

It was not all joy thou, Brady was my “Marley & Me.” She would jump on people when they came to visit; she would eat food off of the counter and out of the kids' hands. She was known to get full sandwiches from the kids' hands. She was constantly getting into things whether that was chewing on shoes or furniture, eating the food off of the counter, or getting into the trash.  “You Stupid Dog,” Would be a line that could be heard so often in my kitchen, the kids would laugh, and I would get frustrated, but also would be equally happy to see the kids with her. There was so much love right from day one until the day she left us.  Brady loved being outside, she loved her little sister Poochie (who adored Brady) and tolerated the new puppy Lulu (what happened to this Mom that did not want dogs)!  She loved to go to Bumpa’s beach, and at the old house, to sit out on the front porch.  More than anything, Brady loved her family.  She was the epitome of a family dog.  

Her aging was symbolic of life-changing for us, we both lost our Moms these past two years, and watching Brady get old, and the decline was another sign she was aging and changing.   Gradually Brady began slowing down, she could not go on long walks anymore, she could no longer jump on my sons bed to sleep at night, she stopped climbing the stairs, she no longer jumped up to the counters to get food.  She limped along, until she could no longer stand at times.  We tried to treat her and make her comfortable, but we all knew. Brady was beginning to lose her quality of life.  After a recent episode, we also learned she had Vertigo, and the Vet said it could also have been a brain tumor. Brady could barely walk, could not stand for long, her legs would give out, and cause her to fall. It was the hardest thing to see.  We knew it was time, we prayed about it, we hoped she would improve and we realized, it was time, it was her time to move on.  I remained strong in the days leading up, through the tears from everyone, and I insisted we were doing the right thing. I stayed focused on the responsible decision, the one which was best for Brady at this point in her long life.  This all changed the afternoon we said goodbye.  

The boys missed lacrosse practice so they could say goodbye to Brady, it was heart wrenching to see my babies cry, as they had to let go of their friend, the person that held all their secrets, their hopes, their dreams, their fears and their challenges.  No matter what kind of day they had or what was going on in their lives, Brady was always there and always full of love and comfort. She was a fixture in our home and a large part of our family.  I cried. I cried for them, and I cried for my husband (who had to take her in), and the loss we were all feeling and I cried for Brady.  My last words to Brady that day were “I am so sorry, I am so sorry Brady” before I told her I loved her. 

Even though we have two other dogs, the house feels empty without her.  Her dog bed and water bowl are there. Her treats and her hair are everywhere.  She was with us one minute, and gone the next.  She went peacefully and fast, yet the loss of her for us is painful, and will leave a hole in our hearts forever.  We said goodbye to Brady, and we said goodbye to our childhood years, the time from tots to teens. We know the next phase will be college for each of them and that time of our life is behind us. However, it will always be a part of us and the cherished memories that we will revisit over and over. 

I never understood the pain of losing a dog as I do now.  They really are members of your family.  They represent family life and create such a beautiful and full presence in an ordinary day (which I appreciate more than anything these days).  We took this picture of Brady the day we said goodbye. It makes me happy and sad at the same time.  We miss our girl, and we will always remember you, Brady, you will remain a big part of our story, and growing up Guyer.  You cried the day you came home, and we all cried the day you left our home forever — you will remain in our hearts forever, your paws have made a permanent mark in our lives.  

I AM….

The power of “I AM” can transform your life, your day and your moment.

I AM, and what comes after it can empower you or deflate you. Choose your words wisely and decide to make them power statements.
I love "I AM" statements, because they are our opportunity to decide, to declare and to own our space, ourselves, and our power in the world.

They are our truth, they are our statements that allow us to be brave, bold, and badass—even when we are feeling vulnerable and afraid.
We need to speak life into ourselves so that we may speak life into others. I find myself doing this and then also not doing this, and saying things to myself that are not filling me up, they are bringing me down. Do you do the same?

If you find yourself in that space of not thinking this way, and you have the need to feel more empowered, centered, and positive, begin with I Am statements. Make them true to you, who you are, what you want and perhaps what you need.

My “I Am” Statements:

—I Am Strong
—I Am Present
—I Am Light
—I Am Healthy
—I Am Peaceful
—I Am Joyful
—I Am Confident
—I Am Powerful
—I Am Happy
—I Am a Warrior
—I Am Productive
—I Am Passionate
—I Am Positive
—I Am Spiritual
—I Am Dynamic
—I Am Love

Create your list of I Am’s statements that will empower you to own it. What are you putting next to I AM and is it working for you or against you?
Lets change that today, lets speak life into ourselves so that we may speak life into others. We have one life, and many opportunities to make it great. Lets begin with I Am….


Pam Guyer