Unlock Your Potential


This is an invitation to unlock your potential.  

Every one of us has a potential that is within us.  It is unique to us and it resides inside.  
We have an opportunity to step up as a leader, the leader of our lives.  The answers do not exist outside of us, they are all within.  Each one of us holds special talents and gifts, and it is our option to discover them and honor them.  

Who are you and what gifts reside within?  

To begin on this journey, it is important to start trusting yourself and your power.  The truth is, only you hold the key to your greatest potential.  Can people see it and recognize it in you, yes, but you cannot rely on that.  I believe it is your belief, faith and courage that can open you up to so much more in your life.  

The following steps can help you along in this journey, this beautiful journey in discovering your best self and your most glorious potential.  

—mindset: shift your mindset to one of opportunity, optimism, hope, light, discovery, and elevate your self and your mind to a new height. 
—discipline:  be prepared to discipline your mindset, belief and actions and make sure they are aligned with where you want to be, not the circumstances of where you are at.
—belief: in order to reach your true potential, you’ve got to have faith and you’ve got to believe.  Believe in all that is possible, believe in all that is good, and believe in the impossible which truly means “I’m possible”.  
—create: understand that your potential is not someone else’s dream, someone else’s vision—it is unique to you, own that, marinate on it, and create it, take action each day to honor this.  
—plan: once you have a clear idea on where you want to be, plan to take action, to take brave steps in that direction. 
—activity: take action daily on moving in the direction of your dreams and vision.  Activity and momentum in that direction are what will help you dispel fear, and align more with your vision as opposed to your doubts.   
—people: surround yourself with people that believe in you, support you and are like minded, remove the nay sayers from your life.   

I believe we are the co-creators of our life.  Along with a high power, it is up to us to discover our truest potential and when we honor that and are brave enough to tap into it, we will live up to our highest and greatest potential.  

Pam Guyer