Reach for the Stars!!!!!


As we live our HIPP Life, we must reach for the Stars.
We can get swept up in the ordinary day, which is both a gift and a deterrent.  We must not lose sight of the stars, the twinkling lights around us, the light, the reminder that everything is bright, and that there is light, even in the darkness.

We must look up.
We must have faith.
We must believe.

Reach for the Stars…
Believe in what is possible.  Believe in your best self and your ability.  Believe that you have a bigger purpose in life.  Believe that you were put on this earth to shine.  Believe that your passion is your purpose.  Believe that every obstacle is a lesson.  Believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to.  

Let your spirit soar and be open to what is possible.  Encourage the best in yourself, and encourage the best in others.  When you fly, soar.  When you fall down, get back up.  
The stars are aligned when you are on the right path.  You’ve got to create your own, you can be blinded by the light of others or you can choose to create your own light.

Light it up.  Reach.  Stretch.  Shine bright for yourself and shine bright for the world around you!  


Pam Guyer