A Dozen things I love…. about Me!

An assignment from one of my yoga teachers.  She asked us at class to come up with one thing that we loved about ourselves.  She ended the class by bringing us back to that very same thing, but also, she asked us to later think of a DOZEN things we love about ourselves.

The first thing that came to mind was my heart, which is love and to put these two into action would be my spirit.  I shared this and asked others to chime in what they loved about themselves.

Why is it so hard for some of us to think about things that we love about ourselves?  
Have we programmed ourselves to think of what we don’t like about ourselves?  I know to be humble, low key, under the radar is important, but shouldn’t we at least be able to speak life and positive thoughts and affirmations to ourselves? 


What one thing do you love about yourself?

What came to mind?  Did it come quickly and clear?  Did you have to think a great deal.  Did you think of things that you don’t love (I know we can come up with those in a matter of seconds).  

Now I am going to ask you to take on the assignment too!
A Dozen Reasons Why….

I worked on my own list, and to inspire you to do your own, I will share mine with you.
I think this is such important work, and quite honestly, if we can’t come up with a dozen things we love about ourselves, we’ve got work to do.
Stop worrying about what others will think, stop picking apart yourself and pointing out what you don’t like or want to change.  What are 12 things you love about yourself.  The miracle that is your life?

Here is mine:  

1.  My Heart
2.  My Love for my family & friends
3.  My Spirit, I love my zest for life
4.  My Humor, I literally crack myself up.  Laughter is medicine and fun is a priority in my life .
5.  My Drive
6.  My Kindness & Generosity
7.  My Mothering.  I am not like most, but I love my kids (hugs hugs hugs) and they know it.
8.  My Imagination & Creativity
9.  My Dedication to Exercise & Yoga
10. My Work Ethic (not just work but the hard things I need to work on daily)
11. My skill set & Passion to teach, train and inspire
12. My compassion & empathy for others   

I will keep working on this list, and I will remember to think of these things when the voice inside or the monkey on my back wants to point out what I don’t like or what I desire to change.  We need to embrace all parts of ourselves, but most importantly, we need to love ourselves deeply.

Love begins with us, we cannot truly love others until we love our whole selves.  


Pam Guyer