Only 18 Summers….

Years ago in business, a mentor of mine shared this with me and many other Moms, “you’ve only got 18 summers with your kids”.  At the time I first heard it, it made me think about how important the growing years are, but quite honestly I still did not realize how quickly it would go (even thou the toddler to school years went by so fast).  

This past weekend, my first born and only daughter turned 18 years old.  We celebrated the weekend with some mother daughter spa time, shopping and then a nice family dinner in Boston. Leading up to this birthday, I really could not believe my baby girl was turning 18, it really does happen "in the blink of an eye".  As I coach other Moms in business and also share inspiration from the platform of Living HIPP, I wholeheartedly remind every single Mom that you only have 18 summers, and I say it with wisdom and knowledge of how true it is, and how they really do grow up.  We have another year of high school, so that makes these changes and these milestones a bit more easy to face as it is all so bittersweet.   

The boys are growing so fast too. Our oldest son is a full blown teenager that will get his license this summer, he will have a summer job and in the Fall will begin his Junior year in high school.  Our youngest has his own milestone of graduating 8th grade, he will join the other two kids in high school, 3 of them in high school at the same time will be a memory builder for them (and for us)! 

Our girl starts her Senior year, is 18 and in early spring, met a wonderful young man that she is now dating.  For the first time we are seeing her seriously fall for someone, and a beautiful relationship blossom.  Young love is a beautiful thing (I guess this is easy to say as we could not be happier with the young man in her life).  It has been our “Father of the Bride” moment, similar to the movie, it is about a girl that has fallen in love with a boy, and the Dad sees his little girl changing.  While she is not getting married, it is that sweetness in life that happens, we could not be happier for her, but her Dad has needed a little time to adjust.   Seeing them as a couple, and seeing two special people be together truly is a blessing.

So, only 18 summers.  Life is changing for us (and for many of you) in front of my eyes.  It just goes by, time keeps going, children keep growing and it is another reminder to be in the moment, live in the moment, and be grateful for the moments.  I find it is the simple moments, the laughs, the conversations, the memories that matter and for this season, the summer ones.  Our senses bring us back, they remind us of the sweet memories: the smell of fresh cut grass, the ocean, the lake, the grill and the sights of sun, of flowers in bloom, the pretty blue ocean and warm sand, the green grass & pretty tree’s—even the smell of rainfall in the summer, and splashing in puddles—it is all so sweet and reminiscent of summer.    

18.  How did we get here?   I am reminding myself that there will only be one summer of 2017 and to embrace it by living in the moment, and creating great memories for my family.  Finding that balance of working hard, but living better (meaning living life with meaning)—let the good times roll!   There were many moments I missed as a "work at home" mom, but also many many many moments we created because I could be there as well.  I can only share that you will never regret the moments & memories you made with your children and those you love.  You will never regret choosing your family first!  Remember, all you have is 18 summers, enjoy each one.  

Oh summer, I just love you!  XO

Pam Guyer