Never Give Up!

Never Give Up!

Regardless of what team you were rooting for, the Super Bowl this year was a stellar example and inspiration to NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP!

When the world turns on you and you are blamed for things you did not do, treated unfairly, penalized and ostracized, you still show up. You still play the game. You still know your purpose, your worth, your dignity and your greatness. You can't control others, their words, their actions, their jealousy & hatred--what you can control is you, your dreams, your vision, your determination, your strength, your desire to bring your best game to this thing called life.   Tom Brady was under fire this year. He could have crumbled but he chose to rise, not only did he show up, but he won, and he proved to the world that winners and champions are not always on top, they too have challenges and in the end, they rise above.  

Prove them Wrong. Not by fighting them, but by fighting for truth, fighting for your team, and your people. When you are the champion, others are going to be threatened and try and take you down. Isn't it time we all rise up and give others credit where credit is due? Don't let them bury you.  Stand up, stand strong, know your worth, and even if it appears doubtful, stay hopeful. Never ever ever give up!

It looked doubtful, until it became hopeful.

Excellence was exercised and possibility became possible.

Grit became Greatness.

Losing Became Winning.

Leaders created Legacy.

Set Backs, Became Comebacks.

Let this Super Bowl be an example for you and the challenges and obstacles you face.  Never ever ever give up!  It is never over.  You always have a chance and when you put your whole heart in, you can’t do anything but win and end up on top!  Roger That! 

Pam Guyer