Making Bold Moves takes Courage


Just over a year ago, I made a very bold move, something most leaders in my industry don't do.

I am in direct sales, and started with a company 14 years ago so that I could stay home with my babies and create an income and blend motherhood with business--and feed my desire to create more balance in my role as mom.  I loved this company and the decision to do this was a great one as I grew as a mom, wife, leader, and spiritual being.  I also created incredible success and coached many others to create success from home--I loved casting vision, encouraging others to dream, to find their passion, to establish best practices around working from home.  The income changed our lives, not only did I surpass my husband's income, I ended up making more in one month than many people make in a year.  I was introduced to a woman that changed my life.  She taught me how to be, do, and have more.  She taught me that anything is possible when you believe.  Her name is Rita Davenport.  I followed Rita for years, being guided by her wisdom and experience, and being moved by her heart & humor.   Eight years in we hit some serious turbulence as a company.  This was a hard time and it forced me to look at my life and myself and not just this company and brand.  This time of self discovery allowed me to explore my life and also feed the areas of my life that needed more attention.  I needed to take better care of myself, take off weight that I had put on while building my business.   While I kicked ass in business and also family life, I put off my own health goals and put myself last.  I had a strong desire to get back to the petite body God gave me and feel fit, strong, and healthy.   Rather than walk into my home office in the morning, I stepped into a yoga studio and that changed my life.  Through my yoga practice I began to honor mind, body, and soul, and I went inside for answers rather than to leaders or experts or what others were doing.  I peeled off the layers of what others said I should be, and I began to find my voice which so badly wanted to be my authentic self.  So, I put a stake in the ground and knew I was suppose to do, be and have so much more in addition to being a top leader in direct sales.  I looked at my mentor Rita and the tremendous impact she has made on every leader and person in my company, and I thought what a tragedy that the world did not get to know her as a leader.  She was held in one company and truly not shared with the world.   My inner voice told me that I needed to expand the walls of my company and build my brand.  Through all of this, I created a lifestyle brand, what you all know as Living HIPP and also wrote the book, which created a platform to help others achieve many of the things we teach in the industry of direct sales.  I saw a need that others needed this guidance too.
While the company stabilized out of the turbulence and grew, Rita had moved on to semi-retirement--when she left, I no longer felt a connection to leadership at the company.  All the while a new company had emerged, Beautycounter, and I loved the branding and style and was impressed with how relevant, hip and chic they were.  I had no interest in joining them, who in their right mind would leave a six figure income and an extremely flexible schedule working such limited hours each week--it would be crazy to walk away from.    I watched this company and saw people succeeding and began to study (stalk) it's leader and CEO.  I was so impressed and I began to follow her more than leaders in my own company.   I was disenchanted about a few things in my prior company but overall loved the company and most of the people.

I finally had reached out to a friend that worked at Beautycounter to ask what all the growth and success was about.  Months later, I met the CEO under the expectation it was just a "get to know you" meeting, I had made it clear I was not interested.  After meeting her, I knew I had to be in business somehow with her--but I could not get myself to leave, I had tremendous fear, and leaving my team and income were the biggest concerns holding me back.    I tried to talk myself out of it. I tried to make myself believe I was with a better company but the truth inside and my desire to partner with authentic leaders spoke louder to me.  I flew to the corporate headquarters to take another look and decide was this for me and why am I continuously drawn to it.  After being with the executive team, I knew I needed to make this bold move, and I finally had my husbands support.  I signed on a few weeks later and properly left my company and many people I loved and adored.   It was really hard, but that bold move felt so good because I was being true to myself and partnering with a brand that I feel more in line with today. I knew with the growth opportunity and pay plan, I could help so many more, and one year later I have done just that.  My team is thriving.  It was hard, lies were said about me, and I lost some friends (and let go of a business I worked really hard on).  The good news is, I feel free.   I feel more authentic and able to be Pam Guyer, and oh, I happen to also be a leader in the direct retail industry.   The work we are doing as a company is so important, and I love the fact that my leadership is appreciated and needed here, and I can lead while I continue to create my vision, dreams, and goals.   Authenticity is so important and truly following my heart and not the crowd has opened doors for so many.  One year later, I have surpassed the income I walked away from but more importantly, my team members are thriving and earning incomes that are changing their lives as well.

So, what bold moves do you need to make in your life?  If it makes you feel sick to your stomach, that is probably good.  Any world class leader will tell you that you need to let go of something good to make room for something great.  Does that mean leave the business you are in, no. Especially in direct sales, you need to stay the course (good days and bad days).  However, you do need to turn down the noise outside, and tune into your heart.  It knows your truth, it knows the way, and you just need to be silent, listen, and lead the way. 

Pam Guyer