Embrace the Mess

As a Mom or a woman of this time, there is no way that you are not feeling the Mess in some or all areas of your life.  We hide behind the exterior of our wall of fashion, our beauty, or our kids and busy lives.  

Embrace the Mess.

The brutal truth is, we are all a hot mess.  In some or all areas of our lives.
We doubt ourselves.  We can’t keep up with our to do list.  We have mom’s guilt.
We compare. We beat ourselves up.  We think negative at times.  We hide.

Embrace the Mess.

Here is the truth, let it set you free.  Everyone is a MESS.  Yes, everyone has their thing.
Just do the best you can and be forgiving of yourself when you fall down, because you will.   We cannot do it all and also look like we are on a magazine cover, it is not real and it is not life.  We are messy.   There is magic in the mess.  

Here are some tips & techniques to Bless the Mess:

1.  Meditate, Pray or Breathe.  It calms the mind, and brings you into the present.
2.  Make Your Bed, and while you do, think of 3 things you are grateful for.  
3.  Don’t compare yourself to Perfect Penny, she has her stuff too.
4.  Do 3 things each day, prioritize 3 things that move you closer to your goals.
5.  Fresh Air & Movement, go for a walk.  
6.  Smile.  Laugh.  Enjoy the small things and moments in the day.
7.  Meet up with a friend, talk about it but in a positive, solutions oriented way.
8.  Go do Yoga.  It works, it really does.  Practice at home if you can’t go to class.
9.  Treat yourself in some way: mani, pedi, do a mask, buy fresh flowers, chocolate.
10. Rock Your Messy Bun & Life.  Own it.  Be Grateful.  Be You!  

Pam Guyer