Being a Mom Boss


I knew years ago when I worked in the corporate world that someday, I would be my own boss. I actually had visions (before I had kids) of being on the beach with a cell phone, kids running around and working this flexible schedule (I genuinely believe what you think about you bring about). This impression and visualization (which was not forced, just visionary) are what happened to me 3 years into Motherhood.

I was in the Corporate world teaching Leadership Development after my second child was born, I decided to end my corporate career and stay home with my kids, I so badly wanted to be home with them, and have them at home.

What I did not anticipate is that I would lose myself in the process. The days became mundane to me, and while I love my kids more than anything on earth, I missed myself, I missed passionate Pam, professional Pam and my desire to do, be and have more. Equally, I missed making an income, I had made an income from the time I was 12 years old, I also had always been financially independent, and in some way, empowered me to make my life better by putting myself through college, and saving a sizable amount of money to purchase a home.

So I set out to find work, I wanted to make an income from home, have flexible hours and make $50K a year part-time. It did not exist, or so I thought!

I was introduced to Direct Sales, and I very hesitantly began a business, not entirely sure it would work, and honestly a bit embarrassed to be doing business in a living room. However, my desire to have flexibility, earning potential and work on my own terms was stronger, and thankfully I jumped in. Within a year I met my income goal, but also saw a more significant opportunity for me and my family—I would work really hard, but over time, built an incredible income that far surpassed my full-time income, and my husband’s in the corporate world.

I am so glad I said yes, I am so glad I decided to take a chance and not worry about what others would think or say. Back then it was not as well received, today, social selling is where the market is, and it is easier and better than it has ever been—allowing me and other Mom Bosses more flexibility, more mobility, and working our businesses virtually.

The income as a Mom Boss can be incredible, and it indeed did change our lives for the better. But it takes hard work and time to get there.

You have late nights, you can hear no a lot, you can question yourself, your husband might laugh at your first check, but stay the course because you are writing your own story, the income will grow when you do, consistent activity and positive leadership & vision are key.

But, it’s not all about the money, even though it is important and certainly motivates me to do more activity and take action, if I did not do that, I would not have built a business like I did—yes, there were days of me in my office while the moms were hanging out in the cul-de-sac and yes, while people were home watching Gray’s Anatomy at night (or whatever the favorite show was), I was more than likely out working or in my office, catching up on work.

This opportunity as a Mom Boss changed me as a person. I found my voice, and rather than yell at the kids to listen or stop fighting (which obviously did happen too), I was speaking with passion, with purpose with conviction about what I did and how other Moms and women could do the same thing also. It became magic when I could share it with others, help others grow and see how it changed not only me but the women I worked with.

Here are some benefits that I have experienced, as well as many colleagues in the industry or doing their own gig.

—Grew as a Leader. I developed leadership skills like never before, even thou I taught leadership in the corporate world.

—Grew Personally. I became a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and businesswoman.

—Mind Set. My mindset changed, I learned so much about the power of the mind, and how that shows up in our lives positively or negatively.

—Confidence. I grew confidence both personally & professionally while maintaining humility & realness in both work and life.

—Life Balance. This has been an ongoing challenge & opportunity—while I worked hard & was out of balance, that taught me how to create it.

—Healthy Lifestyle. This is a work in progress, but learning and growing have brought me down a path of better living & better choices.

—Community. I have had a positive tribe for the past 16 1/2 years, and lucky me, two different companies with incredible people.

—Spirituality. While this is not for everyone, this was a huge benefit for me. I believe we all have a desire to believe, and faith is important.

—Recognition. At home, I did not get a standing ovation for folding the laundry, but in business, there was so much recognition & reward.

—Purpose. I believe we all have a purpose deep inside and having a business gave me the platform to discover and uncover mine.

—A Voice. I needed a platform to share my voice, my passion, my vision. This led to a bigger vision outside of the industry and into the world.

I think motherhood is amazing and all Moms are incredible. Working Moms, Stay at home Moms & the Mom Boss—there are no right or wrongs, it is best to do what makes you happy and is best for your family. For me, I needed more, I needed to work, but I also wanted to be home, and connect with the kids throughout the day—it was not always easy, but it worked and was the best thing for me and my family. I did not “do it all,” I built a team and support system that made it all work, I had to be vulnerable with this, and realize that it does take a village.

If you are afraid to start, my advice is just to start where you are. I was afraid too, I was doubtful, I was too busy, I was overwhelmed, I did think about what others would think, I had to challenge my husband on how much time I was working and not quite yet making an income. I am so glad I did not stay in my obstacles, I am so grateful I chose to believe, chose to take action, decided not to quit and chose my truth in needing balance in my life, being a Mom while being a leader and motivator. Not only has it been financially rewarding, but the real reward is also where it has led me, and how it has given me a clear vision of my purpose, and how I want to put a dent in the universe, just one person at a time! The cool thing, this is not my story, this is your story, or it can be your story. Listen to that voice inside, say no to the obstacles and say yes to the opportunity.


Pam Guyer