“Back To”, It’s our time too!

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I love this time of year, even thou saying goodbye to summer is hard, it is the newness of the season and the vibe and feel of getting “back to” a routine, setting goals, having a schedule and more time to focus on work/life/goals/health that leads us to our best life.  

Arguably, September is the New Year for most Moms, we start "a new", our kids start "a new", and the schedule is oh so NEW!  

It does not matter if you have little ones or college age kids, this time of year brings out a feeling of anticipation, Fall is on the way and a busy schedule is something we need to jump in to, ready or not!  I truly love Fall, it is truly the time to harvest and grow.   

I crave this time of year because I crave getting back to my routine and having my kids on a routine.  We all do better, and this is where I thrive (yes, on a routine).   The lazy days of summer are so great, but admittedly, I enjoy it for the time that it is, but come late August, I am ready for my schedule, routine and inevitably that means taking care of myself on a daily basis.   One thing that I remind myself of every year is that September all of a sudden comes, and feels like A Tsunami—it takes weeks to truly adjust to the new routine, the switch from lazy days of summer to full blown kids out the door by 7am, yoga, work, driving kids, errands, house, homework, dinner and keeping stress at bay (hello yoga)!   While I love having my kids home during the summer, I do the happy dance when I see that big yellow bus (and these days it is seeing them go out to their cars), it is the most wonderful time of the year (truth)!  I love my time freedom when they are at school: I love owning my schedule, I love being able to go to yoga or go for a walk (my dogs love it too).  I love being a Mom Boss, I love to work, yes, I love setting my goals, sitting at my desk and charting out where I want to be by the end of the year.  I love even more helping women do the same.   

Here are some “hacks” I have used over the years to get myself “Back to” work/life and showing up in my life.  Over the years I have learned to put myself on this list, and that is where Living HIPP exists and was born.    So I guess you could call these hacks that help you show up and not lose your _____ while living your best yet busy life.    Interestingly enough, I was excited to kick off my schedule on Labor Day weekend, this week was going to be taking my schedule back and being on track—lets just say that did not happen (so be prepared that ____ happens).  My daughter got an awful stomach bug at college, we had to bring her home for 2 days as she was dehydrated and weak, then my husband got it (he went down hard), and now my son is feeling something coming on and he is home sick today.  Ummm, this was not part of the plan, so tip #1, expect the unexpected!  No yoga, no schedule, no kicking ass this week (as of today) for me—I have gone into Rambo mode (my husband calls it Pambo), taking care of everyone, disinfecting our house, and praying I don’t get this.  So, be okay when all is not okay, because this too shall pass!

Here are your “Back to Life/Work” Hacks:
—Wake up 30 minutes earlier for “me time”: reading, affirmations, meditation, exercise. I LOVE time in the morning, my Magical Mornings! 
—Make Your Bed (I’ve gotta work on this one) but when I do, it just makes everything better (thank you Admiral McRaven)
—Plan Your Day out.  I do weekly planning on Sunday, and then in the morning each day I review my game plan and agenda.  Calendar is key!
—Practice Gratitude: this helps build a HIPP life, it shifts your mindset and attitude, write 5 things in am and 5 things at night you are grateful for. 
—Do Yoga, or meditate at some point during the day.  It centers you, calms you and helps you live in the present in a peaceful way.  Breathe!
—Walk every single day in nature (just a 15 minute walk outdoors can clear the mind and lift the spirit).  Movement is key!
—Feed Your Body well!  Oh man, this is what I need to embrace, I am still in summer mode, it’s cupcakes or Kale.  Kale, choose the Kale!
—Set Goals:  What are your business goals?  What are your personal goals?  What daily action will you take to get there.  Write these down & do them!
—Create places and spaces that inspire you and make you feel good.  This may take you all season but do a little bit each day.
—Declutter Your space.  One space and one room at a time.  Donate things that you no longer use.  This will open up space in your heart & mind.
—Choose joy (happy) each day.  Revisit this throughout the day.  Look for the best in yourself and those around you.
—Be Kind.  Really, be kind to others that can do nothing in return for you.  The world needs this more than ever.  So do you!
—Drink Water like a warrior.  Hydrating your body will prevent you from slowing down.  Plus, it helps your skin glow.  Drink Up!
—Get off that hamster wheel!  I know, we all do it.  Live each day with intention, purpose, joy: it will literally change your experience. 
—Get into momentum.  Momentum in your work or business (do 5 things today to move toward your goals).  Be in it to win it!
—Let go.  Let go of the people or things that are not serving you.  You know what they are, just do it!
—Make that list.  Put things on the list that only have to be done (kids/home/family) or work.  Get things on the list, get them off the list
—Self Care: this is so important and is the difference maker.  Carve in time each day to fill your mind/body/spirit with caring thoughts & action.  

This is your season, your season to shine!  Get “back to” who you are, what you desire and your true authentic self.  Living HIPP is your platform to do just that.  Stick around here this Fall as we navigate through the amazing opportunities and yes challenges of life.  You’ve got one beautiful life, lets make it count, come back to yourself, be at home with yourself and create places and spaces that feel good & inspire you do be, do and have more!

Lets Go Sister, this is our season, our new year, our time to do amazing things in the world.  

Pam Guyer