Fall - All the Feels, All the Things!

There is this undeniable feeling that stirs within us when Fall arrives—while in September we are letting go "oh so slowly" of Summer, we anticipate new beginnings and for many of us, a fuller calendar and cadence to life. When October arrives, it is then when we truly are ready to indulge in the season, it’s beauty, it’s bounty and this special time of the year.

All the Feels!

Our spirit holds the feeling of this time of year—it is sunshine, it is cool, crisp air, it is the chill in the air that makes our hearts warm—that Fall feeling arrives and is embedded in our being. Instinctively we know this season, the sights, the sounds, the sunshine (and yes the rain). The burst of colors so vibrant, leaves falling, leaves swirling and our spirit, memories, and presence are engulfed in this magical feeling, this magical time, that melds together years of growing, years of experiences that celebrate this season, this feeling and this magical time of year. When we open our hearts and minds to the beauty of it all, we allow our spirit to soar, bringing up all the feelings of the season and the positive vibe in it all. It is magical. It brings me back to my childhood, the smell of cinnamon in the kitchen, BC Football playing on the television, my Dad’s beautiful crisp & clear blue eyes and him saying “it’s time to get the woolies out” while rubbing his hands together. It takes me from that kitchen to my kitchen today, planning meals that are warmer and full of comfort, a candle burning and let’s just be honest here my kid looking into his phone snap chatting away. I have no doubt that he takes in the vibe, the feel the comfort of home. I am connecting my experiences and providing a space for theirs, it is something we don’t always talk about, but it is a beautiful thing, and each season I am reminded of the thread and tapestry of our lives.

All the Things!

There is nothing like experiencing “all the things” at this time of year. On a crisp, sunny cool day, here in New England, we can finally put on our chunky, cozy sweaters with a pair of jeans & boots—throw on some shades and we are feeling it all and ready for the day and this season. Let us not go too far without a warm drink in hand be it coffee, pumpkin spice latte, hot cider or whatever your favorite is this season—it just feels good. The tastes of the season are upon us and pumpkin spice is everywhere, I don’t love everything pumpkin spice, but I love seeing it everywhere, and I love seeing how people are so excited for the taste of the season. The experiences this season are festive and help to ignite all the feels: hayrides, apple picking (bring on the apple pie, apple crisp), pumpkin patch, football games, bonfires and gathering with family and friends.

That first fire of the season warms the home and warms the heart. The moon shows its glory in harvest and the sky is different, and sets the stage of this beautiful season from day to night, preparing us for winters hibernation. Fall Fashion, Fall Food, Fall Fun, it all matters, it all creates this Feeling of Fall.

This time of year is about harvesting, we plant the seeds to nurture and grow, so beyond all the things, and all the feels, it is a time of growth, of earth, of germination and work that is happening that you cannot always see. What seeds are you planting to harvest your life? Are you tending your garden? Do you feed it, protect it, pay attention to it? We are the seed. We are the garden and in each season, we need to look at our own harvest, our self care, our life, our dreams, desires and nurture, love and respect this beautiful bounty.

Life is busy, life is hard, all days are not always good days, I get it. Find your moments, be present with it, practice gratitude daily this season, and let your spirit rise this season—you deserve all the feels, you deserve all the things! XO


Pam Guyer