Living HIPP is a Lifestyle brand for Moms. 

It's about creating the life you desire, living on purpose, with intention, and focusing on mind/body/spirit. 

While that sounds great, it is not easy as a Mom, and it is also about balancing this journey with the chaos that
comes with family living, the vulnerability that comes with being a Mother, and the truths that exist in the hearts and homes of Moms.

With so many Thought Leaders on Success & Better Living,
no one owns the space for Moms.

I love me some Oprah, Elizabeth Gilbert, Marie Forleo, Kris Karr, Gabby Bernstein and many more that bring femininity to a male-dominant space around success principles and living well.  And as much as I love these women and turn to them for inspiration & information--they are not me, they are not Moms, and trying to live your best life, be a mom, be responsible for family living, your children, your home, yourself and your sanity it is an entirely different game, and the rules change.

I encourage you to take some time exploring the site, reading the blog and if you feel compelled, connecting with me about your story.